Biotech Why is medic healing autoaim based?

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  1. Beemann he is a lost cause, proving the old idiom of dragging you down to his level and trying to beat you with his limitless experience being there.
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  2. I shall post some medic videos from GA when I get off work. Just watch what I post with an unbiased attitude and I'm sure there is a common ground that can be reached about healing classes being easy mode. Its far from easy being a medic in GA. Its actually why good medics are in such a demand right now in the current game. Also, watching a video from the assault point of view from a year ago (game was totally different) is not the best way to necessarily prove your point.
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  3. That would be like removing auto-aim heal in TF2. It would not only be way to hard when people are jumping around all crazy, but other people would just jump in front of the medic and steal someone elses heal.
  4. Ok I'm going to give you 3 three different examples showing that playing a medic is NOT easy in any capacity in GA.

    First, I have a typical merc match where there is not much focus fire yet I still have to stay mobile in order to stay alive. Proper timing of my offhands, power management, knowing when to shoot, and overall situational awareness are still important in order to be optimal even in merc:

    Second, I have a vid of myself pocketing a good assault in the game. He basically acts as a meat shield for me and utterly destroys every target that I paingun. The point though, is that having a good player on your team does not mean you're able to get away with being bad. These are two different situations but yet I adhere to my medic rules in order to survive. What I'm trying to say is: in any situation as a medic in GA, you MUST be aware. Here is the vid:

    Lastly, I have an example of AVA gameplay. In this match, you can hear the constant communication from our paingunner (a medic ;)). In this video, it is key to not only pay attention to my movement but also pay attention to the other medics movement. Also, listen to the paingunner's calls; his job is not only to target enemies to be focused down, but also to survive. He must time his poisons are enemy medic's cures, juke enemy fire, manage his power, AND call out the name/class/direction of the paingun target. It may sound easy, but in order to do that at the highest level, you have to be pretty good. Vid:
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  5. Atavax Founder

    i don't think i ever said that being a good medic in GA was easy.

    one thing that does strike me is how little positioning people seem to be doing in that game, battles on points seem to be basically people jsut strafing around in the open, no use of the enviroment really. nothing like in tf2.
  6. If you didn't see the line of sighting I was doing in the AVA video then u didn't pay attention. In GA you have to LOS, juke, AND manage power. There is no way to dodge a top assault in GA without using the environment. In tf2 the primary way of avoiding damage is using the environment because there is no jetpack factor. But it seems as if we're arguing two different points. w/e. Firefall medic will hopefully be fun and challenging.

    PS - I'm from Detroit too
  7. Every fight in that boils down to
    Soldier: 1 rocket jump, 2 rockets, if enemy is not dead then you are
    Medics: Do you have ubercharge? If not, start crying

    It feels far too setup-based, and most of the positioning is simply where you enter from.

    Oh and people in GA are out in the open because there isn't much cover (and it doesn't really help most classes)
    Your damage mitigation comes from juking, not from the environment
  8. Cover is typically only used by robo's that need to set up in such a way as to limit lines of fire and troops. For everyone else cover is an obstacle to use temporarily. With the inclusion of jetpack's there is far less cover than would be expected in a shooter game like COD or TF2. Imagine having someone flying above you shooting. It happens. Other thing is that stationary targets in GA are dead targets since they get focused down so fast.
    But back to the subject matter of this entire thread, medic's are extremely skill oriented. Anaakin started off as medic and then transitioned to other classes. He picked them up significantly faster than any other class has picked up medic because of his experience and skill set required for being a medic.

    How does this relate to this entire thread? Medic's in GA do require a higher level of skill or equal level of skill compared to other classes to be classified as good. Medics in GA is a lot funner and more rewarding than my time as medic has been in tf2, while that time in tf2 is limited I have figured out enough to play medic successfully. It is by far easier to play medic in tf2 than it is in GA and it feels a lot less rewarding.
  9. Atavax Founder

    use of enviroment is more then just taking cover, its taking strategic points... it seems like all that is lost in combat in GA, it is just take circle XYZ. If you watched the video i showed, there was a lot of jockeying for position, the teams were fighting over key positions in defending and attacking points before actually attempting to take out the point. Also you would of seen the medic use the enemy's rocket to rocket jump away from the medic, thats a key skill for the medic in tf2, you said you got down being a medic in tf2, you get down using the rockets fired at you to rocket jump away from the threat?

    i don't think i ever said that being a good medic in GA was easy.

    i question your requirements for how to play a tf2 medic successfully. I am sure with zero experience with a medic in GA, if you pick 10 horrible players for me to play against and have 9 decent allies i'll do fine as medic with 5 mins of instruction before it starts.
  10. Atavax Founder

    beeman, you clearly have no intention of resolving conflict, and understanding in the least, you are a bad troll. You only read what you want to read in any post.
  11. I don't have to read into anything at all when you write it out clearly in front of me
    Also, I like how you continuously contradicting yourself, making random accusations and ad hominem attacks as well as continuing to refuse to admit that you have no idea how GA medics work (oh and your refusal to admit that they could actually be challenging) is totally fine and part of the discussion at hand.
    However my repeated counterarguments are "trolling" and "having no intention to resolve conflict"
    Cool. Story. Bro
    9/10 Would read again
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  12. Sorry atavax, Beeman has you on this argument. His logic is flawless, his support is endless(much like a medic's gun in tf2) and he is just cool.
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  13. Atavax Founder

  14. A "good" soldier should be able to judge as well as a "good" medic can

    Medics generally requite more dodging, and in this case more resource management than other classes
    Not to mention the fact that Red5 is practically begging you to shoot people between heals by giving you that 'nade launcher

    Pub games != always weighted in a random single person's favour
    I'm talking about performance on both sides of a steamroll, or even in the odd balanced match

  15. This. Probably the only thing i agreed with lol.
  16. Atavax Founder

    well, if there is fighting in a hall, and the medic is out of los of the enemy, and his healing target is standing still a meter away from the medic, a heal that is a headshot would be super easy, you could spam those heals as headshots all day long. Even if the healing target was moving, if he was only strafing, he would be extremely easy for you to hit with headshots because of your position relative to his movement, while very difficult for the enemy to hit with headshots.
  17. Gonna just put this here real quick:
    The reason TF2's medic works to an extent is the fact that you don't spend 100% of your time with your face glued up the Heavy's ass.
    You get to look around, dodge shit, maybe whip out your ubersaw and do some damage.

    If you implement a system where you have to be some sort of quakegod to play medic, not only will there be no competent medics anywhere, but the few that ARE competent will just play a damage-dealing class instead, as they have godly aim anyway.
  18. Ronyn Commander

    reminds me of a story involving an ex girlfriend <shudder>
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  19. And how would this be bad? Head shots aren't that hard to get for some people trust me, I know snipers that go over 90% for head shots. I think it would be a more interesting dynamic to the game. Also you are talking about one scenario where there is cover there are tons of places that are completely open and thus making you a nice target. I'm not disagreeing with you in that one instance, I'm just saying.