What does this dev do in his off time?

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  1. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Some of you may already know that I'm the Creative Director and primary writer for a webcomic about 2 aliens who talk about video games all day. Just kidding, so far none of our aliens have mentioned video games at all. It's actually about 5 alien cultures as they explore the stars and each other.

    The art is beautiful:

    And I think the writing is pretty good too, but I'm biased cause it's my writing, so you should just go read an issue and make up your mind yourself.

    Anyway, the reason I bring it up is we just started a kickstarter to fund an art book, and I could really use everybody's support in getting it funded. We're at 10% right now, so we've still got a ways to go, but I think we can make it. Even if you don't want to pledge money, I'd be super grateful if you shared it with your friends or tweeted about it!

    Here's a link:

    Here's a potential page from the art book:

    I'd love your help if you're interested in this kinda thing. :) If not, just check out the comic itself at CarpeChaos.com, you might enjoy it.

    Here's some more art that might make it into the art book (click for bigification):







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  2. X-Tor Founder

    ... Awesome :eek:

    Very well made.
  3. Dick Nation Founder

    ooh er

    okay I'm sorry that was low-hanging fruit
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    Yeah that is some sweet art.
  5. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Thank you... Dick Nation....
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    can i be your artist's bitch?

    god i would love to study under someone who can draw like that. Awsome art though, i would so buy the artbook if i had money to spare XD
  7. chrupcion2o Unbroken

    I like to look on such things. I'd like to create awesome stuff too, but all i can paint is a house in paint...
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    Great stuff :cool: just curious on which applications do you Primarily work in?
  9. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Right now we're working with 3 different artists, and we've used a few in the past. Most of the stuff above is from this guy: sc4v3ng3r. Feel free to go cuddle with him on DeviantArt if you desire. :)

    Seems like drawing a comic is one of the best things you can do to improve your art, cause it forces you to draw the same stuff over and over again from different angles and in different environments (and as a bonus, you don't lose your mind nearly as fast!).
  10. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Each artist uses their own setup. Anthony (the guy I linked above) pencils, inks, colors, and letters in Photoshop. Daniel uses illustrator but letters and tweaks in Photoshop afterward. Joe does pencil's on paper, scans them, and does inks and color in photoshop.

    I write in mediawiki and google wave, and do some final image touch-ups in Photoshop.

    And we all collaborate on a forum run by e107.
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    Damn you talented people! Always rubbing your awesome capabilities in my face! A pox upon you!

    Seriously though, that looks awesome.
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    oooh, let the cuddling commence.

    Yeah i've heard that too, kinda why i'm trying to stay focused on creating my own comic. I have project ADD sometimes though *Coughs*
  13. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Heh, do a Jenny Everywhere comic, then you can constantly be switching plots and locations, but still drawing the same characters. :D
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    That's some radical art, and the premise sounds pretty cool too, I might have to add that to my list of webcomics. ;)
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    It's not really keeping to one plot or location that's the problem. It's just i have so many ideas i'll be working ont he comic then doing character designs for a video game i thought up, then doing fanart for firefall XD I've got 4 ongoing projects right now that i'm constantly hopping between. 1 game idea, 1 comic, a LoL champion idea, and a firefall fanart idea that i'm having trouble nailing down.

    I'm kinda one of those people who needs a guiding hand to focus on stuff XD but once i finally do focus i tend to get a little obsessive over whatever i've focused on.
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    You strike me as someone who might do their best work in a business setting. Having a producer or w/e placing (reasonable) deadlines in front of you might give ya' the drive you need to excel. I'm kinda' the same way, it's a bit difficult to self-motivate, unless someone walks through my door with a problem.
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    lol, thanks i guess? but yeah I have trouble self motivating, funny because i work as a freelance 3d artist.
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    xD I suffer the same problem. Freelance PC/small electronics repair here. It's genuinely fun to me, and I love the feeling that I get from helping someone with PC problems, since they so often seem impenetrable to the average consumer. (IME anyway)
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    This is sick! And I'm glad you posted it, epic art bro. Will deffinatley be reading through the comics and will probably buy the art book too. Just wandering, do you do the more technical drawings and Anthony the cartoon like ones, cause I think some of those drawings (like the second image in your post) look kinda similar to FF. Well thanks anyway, it's really really good stuff, keep it up (you should post more of your art ;))
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    Ecna, can we finally has our aesthetic items in the FireFall?

    Also me will read your comic as soon as me manage to get up to date with the Dead Winter.