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  1. Phobos Producer

    Welcome to the official forums of Red 5 Studio's Firefall. We are glad to have you. If you haven't yet registered, please do so. Registering for the forums automatically registers you for the Firefall beta program and allows you to post replies and communicate with the developers of Firefall.

    The rules are simple...

    1) Be polite, don't troll.
    2) Post real content, not spam.
    3) Be courteous during debates.
    4) Have fun.

    Hopefully it doesn't need to get more complicated than that. The community team reserves the right to moderate posts, infract users or ban on a temporary or permanent basis. We would like to avoid using these tactics, so let's all get along the best we can.

    Enjoy yourselves and if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.
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  2. Phobos Producer

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  3. Phobos Producer

    Hey all,

    We've been getting a lot of communications from various people about press inquiries, fan sites, podcasts, etc. In order to make sure those inquiries are handled by the most appropriate person, please contact the following e-mail addresses...

    For mainstream press inquiries, desires for reviews, or any general press inquires please contact press@red5studios.com

    For any blogs, fan sites, podcasts, live streamers, youtubers, or other inquiries please contact community@red5studios.com

    For any support issues relating to the website, the forums, the game, beta accounts, etc. please contact support_us@red5studios.com

    For any business development issues such as localization, publishing rights, services, etc. please contact bizdev@red5studios.com

    Please do not send private messages to any Red 5 staff on the forums for any of these matters, it is simply too hard to keep up with all of these requests on an individual level. Thanks!
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