Weekly Community Poll: Favorite Aspect of Firefall (May 22, 2014)

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Which of the following would you say is your most favorite aspect of Firefall?

Poll closed May 29, 2014.
The combat 143 vote(s) 55.0%
The content 19 vote(s) 7.3%
The story/ setting 31 vote(s) 11.9%
The art style 27 vote(s) 10.4%
The community 14 vote(s) 5.4%
Other (let us know what it is via a public reply to the thread) 26 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. BranFlakes Lead Community Manager

    Hello Firefall Fans!

    Each Thursday, we plan to post a weekly poll. The questions may be game related, out-of-game related (e.g. Firefall Live, forum events, etc.), or possibly even something completely different. One thing is for certain: we'd love for you to participate!

    You can find this week's community poll above, and we welcome you to discuss the question and results in this thread. NOTE: While only one choice can be selected as your "most favorite," we'd love to hear from you via a reply as to which other aspects you really enjoy. The poll will remain open until the next poll is posted, but discussion can continue for as long as you'd like.

    Have fun!

    The Firefall Team
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  2. Nokzen Commander

    I love
    • The Combat (Voted for that)
    • The Art style too
    • The Community
    • But i also love that im not bound to do quests, that i can just go anywhere and do whatever comes my way. (Dynamic events?)
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  3. Dagron1 Unbroken

    I love the combat system
    The movement systems
    The community
    and the sandbox feel
  4. Dropdown Founder

    I love

    the combat
    the setting
    the art style
    but above all the community, it as had its ups and downs but its, for me, the best game community that I have has the plesure to be part of.
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  5. Jirue Mentor

    At this point, I'd have to say the Community and the Potential. Love the Community and the people I've talk to over the years. Had some fun moments thanks to them. And the Potential cause I keep seeing all the things this game does right and all the things I think could be improved upon, and it keeps me checking back to see how much Red5 has made use of the potential they're sitting on. Somethings have gotten worse while others have gotten better, but still it's that potential that has me coming back long after I've gotten frustrated with the game and went into lurker mode. Just the fact I go into lurker mode instead of leaving it entirely is credit to the fact I do think it can do better with time.
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  6. Gevaudan Commander

    The Combat, but in a larger way than just the FPS mechanic.

    I love fighting the Chosen, I love against overwhelming odds and having the feeling to fight for survival against the Chosen Invaders. The fighting and combat with these elements is incredibly satisfying on a story/immersion level and rewarding skill also.
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  7. ObsoleteVodka Unbroken

    I voted for the combat. But i like Firefall for a lot of other reasons. Like the freedom to do (or not to do) anything, explore the world, the community is nice (a lot nicer than other games), the story is awesome (can't wait for it to be fully implemented) and of course making friends and playing together. :)
  8. Harven90 Unbroken

    For me...

    -The art style. I really love the graphics! (VOTED)
    -The combat. Its quite very good, atleast for PvE, because for PvP right now with PVE armor is horrendous lol, tho it can be improved, but I love how the skills works and the weapons, how you can play with the skills and all that.
  9. Vidrak Commander

    I voted for Combat. The game is downright fun to play, and is what keeps me coming back day in and day out. Community would be the runner up though :) /hugs
  10. #10
    Hands down my favorite part of fire fall is that i don't have to be this hard core gamer and play 2+hrs at a time everyday just to feel like i'm getting my moneys worth. I love that i can log in play for 15-30 min maybe get my daily missions done and quit and feel like i had a good time and enjoyed what i did while still having a sense of accomplishment also.
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  11. Timotech Founder

    the combat is the reason why most people play an online shooter... it's about time we get more of that in the game. more chosen to kill = more fun. lets get a war going on already!
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    for me the art style is what drew me in to the game and what i voted for. but what keeps me in the game is the combat(its pretty much the only shooter i've played for more than a few months) and the setting/story(wish we had more of it).
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  13. GrannySmith! Founder

    I love the general gameplay overall including combat.
    *art style/ cool maps
    *sci-fi aspect/ lore
  14. EkkoFoxtrot [AGS] Bird of Prey

    Even with its slow pace of development, Firefall keeps me here because its exceptionally good at the three big thing you do in an MMO: Look at pretty things, move between places, and kill stuff. I voted for the combat, but to be more accurate I'd say it's the mobility of the game that's most appealing. Travel is typically a very boring feature of other MMOs, but gliders, LGVs, dropships, and soaring afterburner make it actually an enjoyable part of the time spent in the game.

    Art is a close second, though:

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  15. Fabricio21RJ Lieutenant

    I love the story / setting because of the details. NPC names, their speeches, how the world feels good, without all those roaming mindless monsters just waiting to be killed, no "unnecessary grinding" ("hey, NPC X could use a leather jacket: go out there and kill 50 CUTE HARMLESS KITTIES which are just living their lives without threating us and take their skin"), how places have signs and notes from people who lived there before... so many details, so much potential...

    I love the community, combat and sandboxy atmosphere too, you know, if it were a multivote poll I would vote for all of them, but the setting is my favorite aspect.
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  16. SILV3R SHADOW Champion of Mankind

    Of course I ticked combat, cause its a combat game lol, I pretty much only thump resources now because Ares missions have been nerved way over, Red5 there is no fun getting a bad reward. I do love doing Baneclaws runs, and pvp duals, Thumping is fun, but you have to compete with others in the small zone in SS, Black water i fun too :) But the most fun i EVER have had on this game EVER is when it was in closed beta when everyone chilled out in xp valey, it was ludicrously fun! and progression isnt a shot in the foot for playing..... like research points, oh boy, 3 weeks of game sessions to make 96k RP, IMO that is way hard and far to long. What I have written is pretty much what everyone agrees on on the shard I play on, and players on this forum usually have different opinions, like, "xp valey was removed for a reason derp" im not saying that, just saying what was MOST FUNNNNN! :D
  17. Perks Holmgang Champion

    There's very few games left that don't mess with your ability to move while shooting. Most others are far too tactical and slow paced for my liking. Also the economic side of things keeps me playing the same content, rare components, cycling resources etc.
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    other - jumpjetting
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  19. Brokendemon Arbiter

    I love the combat of the game.

    Those jumpjets are just damn awesome.

    I remember when I first joined in CBT and we had the "battle lab" tutorial. You had to grab the jumpjets and then fly from platform to platform... Even though it was a pretty simple tutorial, I remember spending a good 20 minutes in that room, flying around with the jumpjets.

    I just love the feeling of using them. Tap and hold makes you hover a bit. Or you can simply hold it and go ascend up. It felt so real and so alive. That freedom and spectacular feeling while exploring the world.

    I fell in love with Firefall because of those.
  20. Oskar581 Savior of Humanity

    This should have been a multibox choice.
    I like the Community 1st
    the story and setting 2nd
    Combat 3rd
    Art Style 4th
    Content 5th
    Other - the Pay Model got my vote though.
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