Need Info Unlimited Mob spawns

Discussion in 'PVE Bugs' started by Deo Fayte, Aug 8, 2012.

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    I don't know if there are any other locations like this. But right beside the MPU the aranha spawn quite quickly even without the quest active without stopping. It get's quite crowded there.
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    I think this may just be the MPU mission area that does this. There were a few players arriving as I was trying to finish this mission and the place got overloaded really quickly.
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    Whats pretty "funny" you can jump on the wooden building roof and nothing can reach you (they just stand there and stare at you). Only thing able to catch me there was Terrorclaw (big hitbox), i guess flyer and ranged wouldnt have any problems either.
  4. Techknowcat Commander

    when I was playing, nothing was hitting me over there even when I was on the gound
  5. Tech Support Guy Commander

    I love to camp there and kill stuff :)

    One other place would be where the dinos are, they spawn crazy.
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    i saw this too and with the lag there was about 10+ of them spawning at once all ontop of eachother. it seems as if the spawns from that MPU quest never stop spawning so every time someone does it it adds more and more and more and more

    also. killing them all at the same time. bad idea for fps.
  7. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Can somebody grab me a screenshot when you next see it?

    It should look like this:


    If it looks like this, it's broken:
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    i got a few but honestly i figured it was easy enough to explain in text. a bunch of the larger aranahs all within eachother and clipping into eachother. weve seen it hapen before with other mobs right?

    ...that and i lost my info for photobucket >.<
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    Its a combination of having a thumping spot up on the cliffs, a bunch of egg spawners and a quest spawner right on top of each other. If all three go at once... its pretty sweet.
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    Yes its happening. gained 100,000 xp in 1.5 hours. 20+ bugs will spawn on top of each other in groups of 3. It seems it was one of the main reasons the server was very laggy. When they spawned people complained in chat. Wish i had a screenshot
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    I would love to if the AI get's bad again, but that many aranha will wipe me out in seconds if the ai is working properly. I literally couldn't kill them fast enough, there would be at least 50 within 30 yards of me at any given time if I was the only one in that area.
  12. hacky Commander

    This is one of the worse ones I've seen (and when the AI wasn't broken), but it does resemble the first one more than the second.

    Hacky~Aug-7-2012~New Eden~2~p2.png
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  13. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

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    Lmao. Ahh HL.

    Anyways, it seems like only one is going to spawn, and then two - who knows how many spawn in that exact same spot. Also, when the game is lagging to the point that mobs will not move, you can sit there and watch the pile-o-mobs grow. It got to the point that it nearly froze my client last night. Good times.
  15. Ecnassianer Tribal Witch Doctor

    Well, appropriately, after I posted that video, I found a stream of someone watching the bugs spawn.

    The fact that the spawn infinitely when no one is doing the MPU quest is definitely bugged. If anyone knows how to repro getting the MPU quest into this broken state, I definitely want to know about it.
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    Well, I know that when I was doing it, the MPU mission itself was bugging out. I think people had placed multiple MPU's at staggered intervals so that there were multiples going at the same time. There didn't seem to be anything stopping that from happening.
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    Some people were adding thumpers in the mix and really made the spawning crazy as of last night (9 hours ago) :eek:
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    How to reproduce!?
  19. Lanix Commander

    I admit to throwing down a thumper near there. It's EXP heaven >.> Please.. take your time fixing this.. I love beach parties o3o
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    i had to do that mission when there was this bug, it was my first time playing so i didn't know better, after about the 6th time i died i thought to myself, why the F7CK would they make one of the first missions so hard.

    In the end i only finished it with the people farming them killing them all, long enuf for me to finish the upload.

    it was crazy.

    now ive been playing for a few days, i wish we had some crazy ass mobs like this =D