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Tigerclaw Alt Fire

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by Kalorian, Jun 26, 2013.

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    I found a bug this evening on the PTS involving the Tigerclaw alt fire. The bug occurs when being downed while charging up an alt fire orb, but I didn't see if it was during the green charge up phase or in the red (ready to fire) phase. When I was downed while charging the alt fire and a squad-mate resurrected me, I would immediately fire an alt fire orb into the ground and be downed again. This occured without any input from my mouse or keyboard at all. It happened to me 3 times so I think it should be easy to reproduce.
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    Not saying this is a fix by any means. But the Tigerclaw alt fire is really not that good right now(at least on liveservers, did they change it on test?) so you might want to stick with primary fire only(which is really good again on the liveserver).

    That all being said, I hope the bug gets fixed and as well maybe some tweaks are being made to the Tigerclaw :)
  3. Thodin303 aka Misogi Apex Predator

    Not good? How so?
  4. Inimicul Mad Scientist

    This may be related to the Q bug I wrote about earlier.
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    My friend is running into an issue with his Tigreclaw Fusion cannon alt fire and his secondary weapon. Whenever he swaps to his alt weapon and fires it immediately switches to the Fusion cannon and fires a full charged alt fire.
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    Yes its like the Fusioncannon charges the altfire in the background all the time. By switching weapons and geting revived the charge gets released. I died alot because of this.
  7. Zertwvi Commander

    THis is also in the current build not just the PTS. It's very annoying and makes tiger-claw more useless than Rhino at the moment
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    The Tigerclaw Alt-fire tends to misfire in random directions while changing weapons. This only takes place if the Fusion cannon is un-used for 2 seconds, thus giving the alt-fire/Nova shot enough time to charge in the background. A Temporary fix for this would be to switch weapons while running. I have gone to the extent of un-equipping my secondary.

    If you attempt to revive someone, it misfires into the ground killing you once again. Temp. fix is to switch weapons before attempting a revival. I made it a point not to revive people since I have my secondary un-equipped.
    Being killed while charging the Nova shot/alt-fire leads to you misfiring the moment you are revived. Thus killing you once again.

    Also the fact that enemies can blow up the nova by firing into it is a good thing, but quite annoying when clubbed together with the above problems.

    All in all, this isn't a nerfing problem like the rhino, it isn't a over-powered problem like the mammoth. Its an Obvious, Glowing, Bright and Shiny bug, that is definitely being overlooked on purpose, or is just too hard to fix.

    p.s. Use Thermal Ammo on your Nova shots/ Alt-fire. Watch that firey big slug wreak havoc and smile to yourself. Best battleframe ever~