T2 FireFall Tournament

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheSambasti, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, just a reminder that the Stage 2 Beta Tournament is happening in 1 weeks.

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    "When in doubt the answer is no." "Use common sense" Love these! lol
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  3. Mewmix Field Marshal

    Sunday is coming up, let's get some action going. If any teams need an alternate (I know Zoid might be missing in action for it which is sad I can fill in), please PM me and I'll be happy to fill in.
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    Stream this if possible please.

    Edit: Oops!! I didn't see the twitch stream in the posting. My apologies.
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    Well, bullocks I am nowhere near ready to compete in a T2 tournament. Oh well maybe next time.
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    If anyone wants to throw together a team with me just for some fun and the experience, msg me here or in-game.
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    how do firefall tournements work?
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    uhh, I wish I had beta access for this, dang.
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    as do i my friend as do i
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    Would love to play in the tournament but my power is still out my phone and Internet lines are dead to :-(
  11. Mewmix Field Marshal

    They are just community run, so teams just sign up and they challenge other teams they are against in the bracket.
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    How did you post then?
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    YAY! I know what stream I'll be watching this weekend. Screw football (it's Patriots bye week).
  14. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Can i get some clarification on that "single elimination" part?
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    And also, where to sign up?
  16. RogueEntity Commander

    Single elimination usually means one game, whoever wins advances.
    Altho Best of 3 and Single Elimination doesn't really go well together in my eyes :p

    Maybe he/she/it means that there's no losers bracket? I dunno ^^
  17. Mewmix Field Marshal

    Best of 3 matches, there is no losers braket, once you lose one round (lose one best of 3) you're out.
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    T2 Assault/Recon lf alt. Fairly new to the scene, but id be stoked to get some tourney xp.
  19. HelixEffect Founder

    Shame, don't think our team is available for then :( Sniff
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    this is in usa? any EU tournament?