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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Sonnet, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Klarsch Founder

    its awesome! :D
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    That is amazing. good stuff:D Hope to see more.
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    Awesome job, my jaw is now on floor...
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    looks really good nice one there
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    That looks amazing! What did you use to make this?
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    Pretty cool. Nicely done.
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    Photoshop all the way!
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    Brilliant drawing technique! The perspective/anatomy/proportions are quite off though, especially on the shoulders.
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    How do i take my eyes off this picture now?
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    Everyone keeps saying this...but its quite normal for cartoony pics to be proportionally incorrect. I think it is a unique look. Almost like a camera looking up at her taking a picture.
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    Have you tried stain remover?

    Anyways, keep up the great work Sonnet! :D
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    My good sire this is not a stain, this is a work of art so diligently made i can almost have an orgasm at the sight of this picture
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    Yeah, but your eyes are getting in the way of the work of art. My good sir, they've practically left your eye sockets and applied themselves to the very essence of it. Would you not like your eyes to be back where they belong?
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    My eyes have no where that they belong but on such awesome art work. I have an older brother who draws too. So yea i would most certainly try to see new art work of his so i can get my eyes of this art work(FYI: its my background on my screen x2 <3).
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    Amazeing work =-)
  16. bazaba Sturmreiter|1Sturmreiterin

    wow. just wow. Everything that I draw looks like a pig. I'm the born anti artist
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    Very nice work, Sonnet. You might want to check your messages. ;)
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    Looks great
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    Need transparent version! ;)