So how many addons downed after the patch and who's going to res them?

Discussion in 'Addons' started by StormWing0, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Mavoc UI Tinkerer

    There are still many ui changes that we were hoping to get to before Launch, and i don't think this was on that list. This will most likely happen no sooner than when we get around to locking down some of the UI features that border on exploitable.
    Addons can't really ever be labeled as officially supported as we can't officially support code that is not ours.
    Though we do try to always keep in might addon support/exploitability when we are working on the UI.
    better yet, get me a pic of you glaring and i'll post it so Hanachi can be glared at all day.
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  2. Andur Field Marshal

    Addons themselves can never be official, that should be obvious. The support itself can, by committing to a sort-of-stable API, very much like Wildstar is using the V8 version of their LUA API.

    Having some kind of web API would be awesome as well, specially for stuff like leaderboards.
  3. Arkii Mentor

    What and shatter this aura of mystery I have crafted, nah.

    How ever, I present this as a substitute :>

  4. Sayan The Bearer

    Heh, make it his desktop background.

    I'm hoping at least calldown hotkeys won't break.
  5. Fabricio21RJ Lieutenant

    Actually, I was expecting something more like this:
  6. Arkii Mentor

    It is a good contender, but nothing trumps the Cage (plus I'm 99% sure that my pic would annoy Hanachi more :p)
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    does this mean that you have incorporated a mod manager into Firefall? or will we need to use something like Melder or Curse to install mods easily?
  8. Mavoc UI Tinkerer

    Nothing has changed with how addons load, we just are going to be breaking a bunch due to API changes.
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    dude, you say some awesome funny shit...
  10. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    No worries here, I don't use any mods/addons! ;)
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    I just removed my addons ( I only use 2) but I wonder how long it will take for them to be updated and be compatible to the game after launch? not that they're very important to the game, it's just small conveniences that help...

    but after patch I read of news that they'll be incorporating a mass salvager into the inventory. that's great.
  12. Vanquish_ Engineer Specialist

    I became really dependent upon Calldown Hotkeys so I pray that this can be fixed/implemented whenever you get the chance :)