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  1. TheJayde Commander

    Raijin setup a SoCal meetup on the 28th as is important to this post. The following thread is where you can read about it a bit more.

    This thread is here to be a place for those of us who are attending, to RSVP to the party so we can get an estimate of how many people we are going to have. This is important for the purposes of space, and because I'm psychotic and need to know how many people to k... hug... er.. wait... shake hands with... that is what normal people do amirite?

    Anyways, those of you who RSVP will be qualified to enter this contest I am going to be holding at the Dave N Busters. This is a trivia contest... and a drinking contest at that. The rules are as follows. This will be at a place once we have sat down and gathered together. I will provide pens and paper so that we can keep things fair. You will write your in game name at the top, and the questions will descend down the page in order.

    1. You must first obtain 5 drinks, preferably shots, or at least drinks that you can down quickly as not to hold everything up. (For those of you underage, soda will be acceptable to drink... cheaters)
    2. I will ask a question based on Firefall Trivia, and you contestants will write down your answer, place your paper face down so nobody can cheat off you, then when the time is up, you will pass
    3. When you miss a question, you must drink one of the five shots that you have in front of you.
    4. When you have no more shots, you are eliminated from being able to win.
    5. The last person with drinks wins!

    What do you win? A firefall Swag bag provided by Red5 Studios!

    (Those of you who do not RSVP will also be qualified for the contest, but you should still RSVP so I can know a rough estimate of pens I should bring)

    If I can talk Red5 into it, there may be more prizes that I can give out as well but they are already giving us a free swag bag, so I'm not pushing my luck too hard.

    Anyways... please sign up only if you're actually intending to attend.
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    I'm probably coming... so... me?
  3. twistingnether Unbroken

    meh, sucks that it is in cali.

    the people here on the eastern shore miss out all the time.
  4. TheJayde Commander

    Raijin setup this on his own. Nothing stoping you guys from doing it.

  5. Phobos Producer

    I'll be there. Man I hope I can win that swag bag.
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    Id go if i wasnt so danm far and wouldnt be surrounded by drunkards as i hold my swag bag like link when he opens a chest :3
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    Ill be attending bro! I will bring myself a pen just in case :)
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    I see what you did there.
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    just wondering, have you guys ever thought of uhh...convention around Canada(maybe around British Columbia :D)
    and i didnt know you guys were in Washington, Seattle, i would've gone down there if not busy :D:D
  10. Jash Hero of the Accord

    I'll be there, maybe a bit late though.
  11. TheJayde Commander

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    Hey! You can't just disqualify dat community manager!
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    but can we make his challenge twice as hard since he is a community manager? :)
  14. twistingnether Unbroken

    well you cant try and make him drunk and then do it, the mods probably have a high tolerance for alcohol from all that they get sent.
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    Argghhhhhh, I wish I could move out to California already!!!
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    I would go if I didn't live across the country lol.
  17. TheJayde Commander

    instead of writing in pen, he will have to write in the blood of small children that he has harvested on the spot. That should be pretty difficult to do once the cops start showing up.

    Oh I'm pretty sure I can. Though... I'm pretty sure he can disqualify my ability to give away that particular prize.
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    I'll get walking from England lol
  19. twistingnether Unbroken

    what did you loot from their office for a giveaway?
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    Crystites and other mineral? :eek::eek: