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Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Jerick, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Avatar: Leesoo, part 1, shinsoo wall part(?)
    Glitched Avatar: Anak

    Avatar: Ran, part 2, Koon's little brother in the workshop battle fight.

    ...Thanks alot, Raz....
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  2. He got you to read ToG?
  3. He got me to do a lot more than that... Him and Hilo both... but yeah, Raz got me to read ToG. Finished the Baam vs Beta chapter yesterday.
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  4. When did you start reading it?
  5. *shrugs* Whenever Raz recommended I read it... Was only a few days ago.
  6. Wow, you got caught up that quickly......
  7. No, you're just too slow.
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  8. He is right!
  9. Yep, I like to take my sweet time. Speeding through it just tales the enjoyment out of it IMO.
  10. Fixed
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  11. Ew... he looks utterly retarded in that pic. Did you draw that?
  12. I did not. My images have a prominent chin in them. That pic did not. Therefore, it can't be mine.

    Also, it was the best of a really crappy bunch... and I didn't feel like posting a video.
  13. also, it's following a certain meme-riffic pose.
  14. What pose might that be?
  15. this pose.

    i haven't figured out the name for it, but it's pretty popular.
  16. *Logs in after extended absence* Can't be that bad, I think I left off around page 300-ish...

    *Checks current page count* . . .

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  17. Make one!
  18. Bet you rushed through typing that......
  19. I most certainly did!
  20. Oof! This really got to me...

    ''If you ever feel like dying to help the universe, just let me know. I'll be waiting!'' - Incubator
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