Repetitive Missions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JohnyRL, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Alot of reviews from the Pax show stated that one issue with FF was that the missions were a little too straight forward. Upon hearing this, i instantly chilled. This is a problem that APB and many other games with promises like FF's were plagued with. Red5 studios, PLEASE. Dont make the missions repetitive. No, go here, talk to this, kill this and that. PLEASE. Maybe some defending? Escorting? Something.....
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    The only missions/quests that are not repetitive are hand-crafted stories. Personally I don't care about that aspect too much since PvP will provide all the variety I need. =D
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    i agree pvp will mix it up
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    I didn't get that impression from the PAX demo. There were definitely typical MMO missions in there (go here and kill these, go here and examine these, etc.) but the world event of the Chosen attack was really awesome. I felt like the missions were more fun because of the relatively large number of people floating around. I could tag some bad guys and have those people come and help me out. Super fun.
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    And there's the fact that if your army has access to Thumpers you could go to many different areas and call down a thumper and protect it. Then there's those city defence missions... believe me, there will be enough to keep you entertained at least until they add more content.
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    You'll probably get bored and want to do pve ..

    There are defending (chosen attacks and such), retaking and etc.

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    how is that not repetitive? if the mission itself is fun and has some smart randomization, I'll be playing it over and over.

    though, there's no arguing about your "something..." point, something is definitely better than anything Red5 has in the game already
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    Well, given the story line I find it hard to believe the quests will be disappointing in any way.

    Edit: But then again a good background does not guarantee good missions.
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    It's far easier to get bored of dealing with (generally dumb) AI than dealing with real, living people.
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    It might be good for people to remember that what they showed at PAX was only a small portion of the game, so naturally they had to have those few things run over and over. For instance the Chosen invasion that they had almost constantly happening to the town probably will not be that scripted in the real game.
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    Its different. I dont want to do the same thing. Neither do i want to escort and defend all the time.
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    Completely Disagree
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    With pax I believe they have only given the players SOME of the mission avalible, corect me if I am wrong.
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    There's one MMO that I've played that had decent, interesting quests.

    Bare with me here.


    Most of them actually had something more than "kill 10 of this monster", or "go talk to this guy for this item". They actually tried to make them more interesting. I have not played it in years, but when I did the quests stood out above all other MMOs I've played.

    In my mind there's a difference between quests and missions, with quests having a plot/special content, whereas missions are just "kill x of y", ect.
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    Yes but if all of the mere repetitive, what reason do i have to think that the rest are different?
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    Thump Thump Never Stop! Thump Thump 'Till You Drop!
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    I wish we had more time to make the other activities in the demo more visible. Not many got to fight off the infestation or escort the scanning drone to hot spots. Worst of all, not many people got to experience Mustang's challenge! He's the hottest, fastest shot in New Eden (or so he says).
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    I asked this question at PAX, here is what I got:

    • They really want to focus on exploration, thus, you will be able to find random missions as you travel around the map.
    • Find shiny object x take it to person y
    • Find stranded person, escort them to x
    • Thumper missions, which are resource gathering and defense missions
    • City defense
    • Retake the city (if the former didn't go so well =P)
    • They mentioned there will be minigames too
    I think that is a pretty good variety of missions. What else are you looking for?
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    I'd like to hear more about Mustang and his challenge but to be honest I would rather experience first in game. Makes no sense to want fresh new quests and to know all about them before you ever get a chance to log in. If anything, I'd like to see a dev do a short PvE tutorial of the build that was at PAX. Kind of like how you guys did the thumper mission before.

    Keep all the cool quests under wraps....just let us know that there will be a good amount at launch though.
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    I don't have any concern about that at all. I'm playing the old Neverwinter Nights 1 and it's basically talk to everything, kill anything that resists, in a repetitive pattern. And that is called RPG. As long as I get the freedom of movement I'm fine.