Released date?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by katoja, Feb 18, 2012.

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    The game already has a date to be released?

    I really want to play!
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    there is no date and there will not be one FireFall will just be open up to every one one day :)
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    i know this was not directed to me but i came here for the same reason but can you please go into more detail sorry! D:
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    NP this is a Q frum Red 5 Grummz CEO/CCO " The game doesn't have a traditional "launch" like other games (esp paid games). Firefall is in a period of what we call "Exclusive Beta" which is based on a g-mail style invite system. There is no closed beta, open beta, launch phase as you find with other online games.

    Much like Minecraft, we will be in beta stage for quite awhile (past December), even our store will be in "beta test" mode for those who would like to try it (not a requirement at all, and never will be. Firefall is F2P). During this time, we will be inviting more and more players, and release content slowly as we get beta feedback and improve the game and the store. We haven't wiped characters thus far, but we will probably do so prior to the open world test, and many times after that. Current testing shows us that we will probably need to wipe even after December if that's what it takes to make a great game. We're not rushing this, and we're working hand in hand with our beta testers. We will also announce when wipes are over during beta so people will know about it beforehand.

    Unlike Minecraft, our exclusive beta is by invitation only. Either you are invited from our pool of forum members, or you are invited by a friend who has available invites and who is already in the beta test program.

    At some point, there will be so many invited testers that the game might as well be considered "launched." By that point, we will drop the beta tag and drop the invite system, and have the game available for download by anyone. We don't have any planned date on this, and we don't expect to ever have one. Like G-mail, the beta tag will just disappear one day. "
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    Thank you for clearing that up but 1 more question. :)

    so the people with firefall wont be giving any more keys out its just the forum users and friends because none of my friends have a beta key and every time theirs a contest theris 1000 people in it and its imposible for me to win :( .
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    Frum Red 5 FadedPez Community Coordinator "Hey new members, welcome to the community! I know that when most of you join up, there's one major thing you want to know about, so let's get right to it!

    Can I download the game?

    Currently we're in closed beta, and only those community members with beta keys are able to download the game and play.

    Can I get a beta key?

    There are two ways community members get invites. Our testers receive invites to give out and sometimes hold giveaways and contests for the keys in the Off Topic section of the forums. Also, we send out invites at random directly to people that have registered on the forums. We give a slight nod to members that are active.

    "That last comment is interesting, that begs the question..."

    How can I be considered active?

    Logging in and reading the forums is the most basic thing you can do to register your activity (so lurkers, you don't need to worry as long as you are logged in). We definitely appreciate and promote positive discussions, debates and contributions to the community.

    DevTip: in my experience, being a quality poster is the best way to make friends around here and snag some friend invites from other testers.

    I have a beta key for another game and want to trade for a Firefall invite.

    There is no rule stating you can't trade for a Firefall invite. That being said, threads asking for trades generally get moderated as we are trying to keep a good signal to noise ratio on the forums.

    I have another question about beta!

    A guide can't contain all the information you want to know if you're just starting out. If you have a question that I didn't cover, feel free to contact me privately, my door is always open. You can do this by clicking on my name or avatar in this post, and then clicking "Start a Conversation" in the popup.

    Thanks for reading and your patience, we'll see ya around!

    Community Coordinator " :)
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    Ok thank you so much i apologize for taking up your time :)

    Have a good one!
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    NP glad to help
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    Hey man, this game has no set "RELEASE DATE" as stated by Marky mark himself, (Mark Kern) there will be PHASES where new waves of people are allowed in, you could have just clicked around mate, all the info you require is in the General Section. And this is what Dr Phil thinks of you creating this thread......
    In case you're wondering, yeah me and him are cool, I got him on speed dial :eek:
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    I like cheese.
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    I like trains... also what everyone else said ^^
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    Thanks all !!!
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    You do realize that the answers to all these questions were in pinned threads in the general discussion section of the forums. In general try to look for threads with the answers to your questions first and only if you cannot find any do you post the question yourself.
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