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    Ok, so one day after patch this is what Im coming up with in regards to the Recon Battleframe.
    1. Recon needs higher sustainability from jumpjets.

    2. Sniper Rifle is damn near completely useless. You guys have it taking WAY to long to load its next shot in a four round magazine. And the DPS is so low that a body shot, unless execute shot is used, does almost nothing, and a head shot isnt a guaranteed kill every time. Which is rediculous. The smg does little to no damage, but might be our best weapon simply because at least we can move and try to dodge instead of waiting for 3 or 4 seconds for out next shot. DPS FIX NEEDED.

    3. We need an invisibility. Not the USELESS decoy ability that doesnt fool anyone, or SMOKE? Seriously... why not throw up a flare and tell everyone where you are. We need an actual escape ability. I ran a test yesterday with fellow players, an assault frame can kill me in my raptor or nighthawk battlefram in 2 hits. Dreadnaught can take us down in under 6 seconds with nonsustained damage. Medic can kill in 3 hits. If we are going to be this weak of a class, give us the ability to escape or possibly use melee.

    I like alot of things in the new patch. Especially the new looks. But the recon class needs to be redone badly. In PVE we are practically useless, and in PVP we are at the very very bottom of the food chain.
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  2. Noktra Commander

    I'm not having any problems. Killed entire groups of chosen before the close range dreadnaughts and assaults could. I like decoy and smoke. The only class that get's shafted on abilities is Raptor.
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    there is melee it called the SCAN HAMMER
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    You should never be able to 1 shot someone from far range in a competitive game. They nerfed recon jet sustain because snipers were just spending the first 1/2 of pvp matches jumping to places they weren't supposed to be able to reach, then the other 1/2 picking off people and going 10/0. There is nothing you can do against that. The game needs counterplay if it wants to succeed in esports. Just be glad a sniper-based class was included in the first place, most game designers these days consider it a big "no no" for multi-player/pvp gaming (0 risk high reward).
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    Yep. Just prior to patch, LOVING my Raptor 'frame. Post-patch: loving the way my Raptor 'frame looks... and nothing else. Reading the patch notes it looks like all my Raptor abilities were removed and given to Nighthawk. WTF?

    I don't PVP btw, I mean for PVE. I feel like they took all my toys away and gave me a wiffle bat in return. I feel exactly that useful with my Raptor frame now.

    On the bright side, this patch will be successful in one thing, it will compel me to finally buy some red beans simply so I can buy the Nighthawk 'frame and get most of my old Raptor abilities back. :(
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    I don't PVP in this game, but I do in others, such as Hawken, Defiance, TF2, etc. All of these have a sniper class, or in Defiance's case, a build and weapon loadout.

    The risk that you've mentioned the snipers supposedly not having is that almost universally snipers are the shooters' equivalent of that old RPG standby, the Glass Cannon Mage. Snipers tend to be a little light on the armor, and a bit low on the health. We (yeah, I'm really not un-biased here) make up for this with nimble and fast movement and high-damage long-range attacks. In some games we also have situational escape abilities on long CD, just to give us a little more survivability.

    As for the jet nerf, true, we were hit with one a little bit, but :red5: actually increased the gravitational simulation in New Eden as a whole, which could make the uptime's downturn seem a little more extreme.
  7. Ephidel Founder

    I've seen through the abilities the raptor gets, only 1 seems decent for damage, and you gotta print it... As far as I can tell the Raptor gets the 3 worst abilities available for it.

    -SIN scrambler is completely useless as it always was, to me it's only there for ***** and giggles.
    -The powershot replacement, now AOE, is used through an epicly slow moving projectile, which from long range sniping trying to hit it on a friendly is almost impossible. Using it on myself is POINTLESS because we have to charge up shots and that ability only lasts enough for me to take at most 3 charged shots.
    -Teleport is the only ability I use, sadly... mostly to travel or to get on higher spots where my energy doesn't manage to get me to.
    -The "ultimate" ability we get now for each battleframe is pretty nice, but very easy to forget we even have it... CMON I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT IT AS I WROTE THIS POST!

    Pre-patch I used to roll around capping towers back from chosen solo-ing close range sniping (I am too hardcore into the sniping I guess) because I had high movement and jet speed on my battleframe parts, Also having 1111 hp and 16 hp regen. Now I feel like a turtle, a very slow and weak turtle. I kept getting the most out of sniping, penetrating through multiple targets as I stood on low grounds, making so many little bugs explode into beautiful purple particles with execute shot with the shortest recharge I could get. Usually hogging up the kills shown on the screen.

    Although like this it makes me feel like Raptor truly is for long range single target sniping... BUT our dps output in a single big target is pretty low to be the only raptor function as dps.

    I have my eye on the Overload (splash damage + 2x faster charge) ability to use in combo with the Power Field (supershot replacement)... I actually got it to start printing and took a break while it was doing so to come back and find out I can't play.
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    Hey, your 'hardcore into the sniping' is EXACTLY why I chose Recon initially err, sometime early-ish last year. I love(d) the frame and love(d) the playstyle.

    I still explode heads, but I'm missing my LRM, Resonator Bolts and Execute Shot, which seem to have been moved to the other tier 2 frame, oddly.

    I, too modded my 'frame through the old tech-tree for higher speed and agility, taller jumps, longer jet burns and faster energy recharge times. - I used this heightened mobility and played a dash-and-skirmish Recon, flying low over the battlefield, hopping over rocks and dropping my LRM... then popping onto a nearby cliff's edge and laying out a carpet of Resonating Bolts, and detonating the LRM as the Resonating Bolts went off. Such a rush!

    I don't mind being able to play Support-based roles, in fact back when we used to have a tech-tree I spent into the Powershot ability specifically so that I could buff partymembers and did so, often. Heck I teamed up with a Recon friend and we'd powershot eachother from across the map while taking out Brontodons... it was awesome!

    Now it's decidedly less so.

    Printing was pretty busted last time I was on, so I wasn't able to try making new modules for other abilities, or even see if that was possible. I'm glad you mentioned Overload, I'm sure I would have overlooked that! :D

    Anyhow, I'll just repeat that old mantra that 'beta is beta', work in progress I guess. Usually when :red5: makes major changes like this, they dial it in to the extremes and then adjust it back over the course of the patch till the next patch hits. I suppose that's really not all that different from other game developers, really.
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  9. Ephidel Founder

    Wow, just got the ability and it is actually the "ultimate" we already have.... just wasted a bunch of resources... Well, I am going to try another one. Conduit.
  10. Ephidel Founder

    Never mind that... Conduit is a passive we already have. So yeah, I tried Artillery strike as ult instead of overload and I like, but the damage is lower than the LRM pre-patch.
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    I L_O_V_E new sniper rifle on nighthawk BF. Can I use it on raptor?? or change abilities of nighthawk? I WANT MY PRECIOUS DECOY!!!!!!
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    Decoy is an accord recon ability.
    If you take it off of the accord sniper you can use it on your nighthawk or raptor :)
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    awwwm THAT how it works :)
  14. Nismu The Bearer

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  16. sepulchral Commander

    Aye, was a bit too close to the torndao and went nuts with the hammer. Playing with R5 Tech designer at the time and they are thinking of adding an achievement for it.
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    I guess what Recon really lacks is more invisibility and some sort of high damage melee... That would be awesome.
  18. NoahDVS Recon Specialist

    Necromancy! Witchcraft!