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REALLY..... your stripping the fun from my Tiger claw?

Discussion in 'Battleframe Discussion' started by Fancy_pants, Jan 23, 2014.

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    thanks for the reply Pez, I hope that I'm able to achieve the speed I currently have on the live server.
  2. Andur Field Marshal

    I hope we're eventually able to go faster than current speeds. It's going to be weird that we're doing 16x damage with 16x HP and moving at 0.7x speed.

    +1 to increasing Servo range and removing the groundspeed limit.
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    I have been playing firefall on and off for 3yrs, and one of the most disappointing changes for me was losing rocket jump and cannon ball from my tigerclaw (which was my main battleframe; now I don't enjoy playing it at all).

    Yesterday I finally got around to downloading the patches I had missed out on after about a 6month break because of some new hype and I wanted to check it out. I do like the direction the game is headed, but I was depressed to see that RED 5's promise (made 7 months ago) of reintegrating the old battleframe abilities has yet to be fulfilled.

    Guess I will come back in another 6 months to see if my Tigerclaw is fun again. :(
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    Isn't it that every BF get slowed down?
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  5. Ralock Founder

    Doesn't this also mean there will be no more speed bonus by traveling lighter. No more > 100% speed?
  6. scafa Apex Predator

    Sure, but many players that gravitate towards assaults and Tigerclaw in particular like mobility above all else so the change is felt most negatively by them. I know I'll be disappointed, if I have to use a larger share of my constraints to achieve less speed than I previously have on my Tigerclaw and Firecat.
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    another dread frame already stole rocket jump =(
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    But Tigerclaw can still be faster than other battleframes?
  9. scafa Apex Predator

    The complaint was that Tigerclaw will be slower than before. Not that Tigerclaw will be slower than Mammoth. OP likes speed, hence uses Tigerclaw. OP dislikes being slower. Okay?

    If you have to max your servos to reach similar speeds as before (and I'm not even sure you reach that), but deal 8x the damage and have 8x the hit points maxing your weapon and plating, I am seeing a potential problem.
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  10. Andur Field Marshal

    We don't know how much Trailblaze and Auxiliary Tanks scale under the new system. The servos weren't faster and the plating wasn't lighter under the old system. Tigerclaw could still be faster / have better airborne time than before.
  11. scafa Apex Predator

    Well, Tigerclaw already easily reached the run speed cap and could stay airborne forever. It's hard to scale those up in the new power curve. Maybe that's one of the reasons they recently tried to change Trailblaze - the new version could have been easily scaled up now.

    But it's true enough that we don't know much about the new system yet which worries me a bit as it's due out in a few days.
  12. Andur Field Marshal

    That's why I hope they remove or raise the groundspeed limit. Mind you, Raptors can go even faster with an Empowered Teleport Beacon.
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    Looks like I'll have to equip Trailblaze again, just so I can go fast. I took if off because I felt I could move fast enough without it, but now it seems I'll be needing it to get that speed I like. But yes Andur, I'm wondering how Trailblaze and Aux tanks will feel in the new system. I'm almost there with pilot tokens on the PTS to unlock the claw, but when I do, it will be time to patch to the live server. :)
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    I think the purpose is to simply add a greater sense of vertical progression rather you feeling like servos are a small upgrade that you can do without. If they reduce the speed of movement in the end-game though I think that will make the game less enjoyable.
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    I hope they remove the speed cap also i can't wait for my 63 M/S Charge! to kick in. it might actually be useful then. right now i'm stuck at 13... also going to miss 120% mass bonus with servos IV maybe other frames don't need high end servos, but i sure like em on my rhino Raaaaawr!
  16. Xenogenic Senior Designer


    We made this change for a couple reasons:

    1) It was not intended that stock frames start as high as they were, so we fixed them by putting putting them back to the intended starting point.

    2) The upcoming crafting ranges allow for greater differences on items, which includes higher-end boosts to your speed. As with all games, there is a limit on how fast we can allow you to move and at higher starting speeds, you would surpass that limit with the various movement-buffing abilities (such as Trailblaze).

    We want people to move fast enough to have fun, but there is a limit, both from a design perspective and a technical perspective. Therefore, the base movement speeds have to support being able to be increased directly through crafting or through being buffed by various abilities. The new starting point meets those requirements.
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  17. Xenogenic Senior Designer


    This sounds great from a pure fun/gameplay perspective, but it's not wise from a technical standpoint or from a gameplay/balance standpoint. We've already had plenty of experience in PvP seeing what happens when the speeds get too high - the game becomes chaotic and unfun. In supporting open world PvP, we have technical limits on speed as well as balance/design limits on speed.

    The bottom line is players that want to move much faster are going to have to use vehicles. We can't allow the running speeds to vary significantly.
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    Hi Xenogenic! we have been discussing run speed over in PTS

    here is a repost of what i'm curious about. at first i really hated the speed reduction but i noticed the rest of the game became more enjoyable with it aside from a few things.

    "I love the speed in old PvP but it's not working with PvE. I want to see instanced PVP return with regulation frames that are fast. maybe vehicles can address this in OWPVP

    Play a stock frame on PTS and you will notice you have to play smart and well to complete a mission, the grounded melee NPCs are actually a threat. the game on live has almost none of those qualities as soon as you get fast you can wipe out a mission and barely take damage because the NPCs only start reacting after your almost finished. It appears NPC reaction time is not something they can scale with progression.

    I do think the game needs some adaption to compensate for slower walk speeds, like a much faster sprint for and other world design issues like more glider pads all over the place or making the distance between things shorter."

    So is there anyway we could see faster sprints and or shorter distances between glider pads?
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  19. Ronina Apothecary

    You may have to craft servos now.

    Weird, right?
  20. SmithsonWells War Smith

    Note that the following comes from a maxed character with an LGV and 3 different cooldown glider pads on the one hand, and a PTS character on the other.

    Honestly, it's not actually about travel speed, imo. It's about base survivability.
    Between lower base speed (which affects vertical ground and air movement), lower JJ energy/regen and no mass multiplier, evasion becomes much harder to pull off reliably, because you simply don't have the tools for it anymore.
    And that's before the increased verticality is factored in.

    Or maybe I'm just spoiled and set into certain habits and need to learn to bounce instead of jetting/hoversprinting, idk.

    (On that note: The +3m height jump perk is actually surprisingly useful for a lower-geared frame.)

    On the flip side, see DallaBills' post, 2 above.
    I agree with it, as well.

    And besides all that...
    Going fast is fun :D