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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JBWill, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Hello Firefallers new and old! I've been seeing a lot of confusion from people who got beta keys but are unable to log in to the game, so I wanted to make this thread to clear up what I can.

    If you just received an invite and have downloaded the game but can't log in using the e-mail and password that you use to log into the forums, chances are that the key you got is for the upcoming Beta Test Weekend, as opposed to being a full time access key. You will be able to login to the game starting tomorrow, Friday December 7th at 11:00am PST (19:00 UTC).

    If you got beta access from purchasing a Founder's Pack, or are reasonably sure that you are supposed to have full 24/7 beta access and are still getting this error or are unable to post in the beta sections, feel free to contact support by posting in the Account Support section, or e-mailing them at support_us@red5studios.com.

    Hope this helps, and I hope to see you all in game this weekend!


    Keep in mind that there's a good chance the servers may crash several times early in the test due to the sudden load. Don't worry, that's exactly why they do the stress tests in the first place! Keep patient and I'm sure any crashes will be corrected as quickly as possible.

    P.S. People, if there are posts in this thread asking the exact question that this post answers, chances are that their post was moved here from elsewhere, please don't berate them about reading the OP
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    Thank you! :)
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    Thank you
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    OMG THANKYOU! i only have to say that i wish it was 24/7 beta id be on it 23/7 (need the extra to eat and sleep)
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    Well, the beta itself is 24/7. These weekend stress tests are just opening up to even more people, but only for the weekend. It's possible for you to get a permanent beta code that will let you play whenever you want.
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    These beta events can be confusing. I've seen these weekend open events happen in other games (Guild Wars as a prime example) and it always created just as much confusion. Glad there is a pin up there on a topic that will help others out.

    Been a lot of confusion about this recently.
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    HI all,
    I made an account and add a key, but when i go to log in the game tell me that the information are incorect.
    help please, ty
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    I should have posted this, think of all the likes I missed out on! Thank for you posting this JBWill, hopefully it results in less topics having to be responded to about the same issue, enjoy this GIF.

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    Hey I'm here in Sydney Australia, Just wanted to know if i can play the game. Cause i got the key and downloaded the game, still says incorrect password or username
  11. Brezals Beta Commando

    read the first post maybe? :p
    also yes aussies can play this game.
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    OK cool, thought it was the computer
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    thanks was not sure at first
  14. AussieReg Founder

    yeah, thanks for the sitrep.....
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    I appreciate the good bit of information here, thank you sir.
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    what time are servers gonna be up Eu time
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    Getting the same error cant log in and i have a beta key which i added it yesterday . When i launchthe game i see that server are online but cant log in is it due cause it not the correct time yet ? could anyone tell me i live in Eu-greece and i dont know if its the correct time for my beta log in getting confused with time zones above.
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    20:00 in Sweden :)