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    The guy that posted it in the OP made it :)
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    Sooo we can expect weekly stuff like that :D ?? Or at least monthly ;)
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    we used to do that in warhammer online.....ah good times
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    Yea since theres no fast travel, I drown myself to get to copa faster.
  5. Tony The Tiger Founder

    That is so funny because it's so true !

    squadchat: "I just ranked up brb !"

    Squadchat: /stuck
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    I'm afraid I can't make any promises. I'll try to make them as I think of them!
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    Yes please! :)
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    lol epic me wants more !
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    Think FireFall :D
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    Nice Comic!
    That is a good way to travel quickly
    but i hope it will not be the only way. :)
    If it stays like this when the beta grows massive
    then we will see the ocean turn red.
    (Of course only when you have violence enabled) :D
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    ..i do that so often.. when im too lazy..

    This Mangaish stripe did tinkle my laughing muscles. (And that the captain is the girls xD)
    Good work ;D.
    As i tell people often "Don't go into the water!"
    And then they go.. "Jeah.Jeah..."
    After some enemys spawn in water area... they hop in the sand. And may not aim good ..end up above 1,8m deep water.. bamm death.. "WTF?"
    .."Told.. yay so...".

    Now.. i only need to find more... still not much of an fanbase in japan and co..
    Go promote there soon.. want my firefall anime xD.. they made an Halo one.. so don't be dumb ;D.

    Hmm anyways. How is the comic going?
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    Awesome, I do the same thing. :D

    I <3 Bietol comics.
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    for all you people who like fire fall like this post
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    Lol still waiting but the fun is really gettin on my head
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    Hahaha i just spat coffee all over my PC ....................damn you
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    What is this about turret adventures?!!? I want to read this, but cannot locate this thread. Any information would be appreciated as I laughed incredibly upon reading this one.
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    wait can characters swim in this game? That would be nice having a few underwater places to explore
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    No it actually kills you, and many use it as fast travel, hence the humor in the cartoon :D
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    Would have ben great if they could swim and to have a few underwater parts to explore with some weird see monsters