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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bietol, Apr 10, 2012.

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    I actually do this as well. :D
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    I will!
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    So true hehe.
    Who made it?
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    PvE durability loss and ressurection sickness here I go! :p
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    Ha ha ha!....

    I don't get it :( *alone*
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    lol ... all the time
  7. Skyflare Founder

    This points out the necessity of a fast travel system right???
  8. Phobos Producer

    Every time I see this comic I laugh out loud. I still want Bietol to make Adventures of Turret #2, but he is too lazy. Everyone should help me convince him. ;-)
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  9. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    Come on do it man!! Your suicide back to copa comic was awesome! I WANT MORE! :D
  10. Zoogy Beta Vanguard

    I do it all the time.
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    I feel like my head is going to pop!
  12. terricon4 Fan Site MVP

    Lol, I do this all the time, fist is shoot my feet if assault, second is drown myself if near water, and if none of those apply, I use /stuck and stand still for a few seconds.

    Make some more if you can Bietol!
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    I would like to see Adventures of Turret #2!! But would like to see #1 first :p
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    Do it please! :eek: We wanna know about turret #2 !

    And give it some dedicaced page on the forum! :cool:

    It's fun, beta relevant and strengthens the bond between the Team and the community. :)
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    Sounds like a plan.

    Awesome comic. Nuff said.
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    Where can this comic be found? Tried searching with no fruit :(
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    John Su you are my hero.

    I hope you know this.
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    holy shit this owns
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    I have my doubts about this :p
    unless by working on you mean playing god