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    Thanks... I actually lol'd at work.
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    im a player who enjoys scenery and often prefers to take the long way just to see everything. even after playing awhile (for example in RDR) i end up going on foot (horse) just to enjoy the scenery, even though teleporting is available. but i havnt seen much from this game, so will it make we WANT to teleport? or will it make me wanna take it slow and just stare at everything?
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    WTB: More comics, that was great you need a section on the website for these, better art and punchine than some webcomics I follow.
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    HAHA amazing comic XD
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    That level of skill can only deserve one thing. *Facepalm*
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    I made this over the weekend on my off hours, and Phobos encouraged me to post it up here. Rest assured, we actually are working on the game!
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    All work and no play makes people go crazy~
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    This has a true story ring to it :D
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    Love your art work. Keep posting them here :)
    Also have to check your Deviantart page once in a while.
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    Bietol, your comics are better than Penny Arcade's! I lol so hard every time, thanks so much :) I feel better now after a crappy run ingame.
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    This. I wonder if he'll do another PAX summary comic?
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    This is the best, thing, ever.
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    The cruelty of it all..
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    Yet another epic piece of art from the lost turret. Thanks Bietol.

    I really am beginning to think he sometimes looks at Phobos's like amount and gets jealous... then posts one of these for the thousand likes he will get. ;)
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    Thats really clever :)
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    He has a really really good sense of humor. You should check out his deviant art page. It's awesome.
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    This is of course, the optimal method.

    It does make you wonder if there will ever be a death penalty of some kind though... seems like there eventually should be!
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    That or shoot yourself in the foot with a grenade launcher/plasma cannon.
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    Nice one!