Biotech Questions for the Medic players

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to this game,

    I played medic in global agenda but I didn't liked it really much because it was just healing the assaults and spamming your AOE.
    I also played support in League of legends that was what I really liked. Because you can save people their life and then you're the hero :).
    I hope the medic in firefall is going to suprise me with a totaly new system and not just spamming etc..

  2. I'm also new here, and I've also played Global Agenda (the class balancing is horrible I think). I played a recon, she was competent but couldn't hold her ground against an assault class... Hated that... I hope the medic or recon can stand up against opposition.
  3. The best thing about playing a medic or support is helping someone else be their best.

    It comes in many shapes and sizes, but the support role is always about that one same thing: support!
  4. Buffing. If I want to heal someone it is because I want to be useful without dealing damage. I love playing classes that heal, but also provide some other benefit if the player is good enough to maintain balance. Following another person around just keeping them healed is much less fun than if I can make my team deal more damage with an aoe buff/ move speed buff/ in combat health regen/ increased armor/ etc.... give some benefit to be near lots of allies other than the fact that you can heal them a little if they take damage.

    The choice which buffs to give, when to give them, and if strait healing will be more important to keep one person up or group buffs...

    Choices always make things more fun...

    Just following someone gets boring no matter how much moving you do... nothing makes more fun than making meaningful choices.

    TL;DR Create meaningful choices for support other than who to heal. Buffs = :)
  5. I wish a way to heal and a way to revive. I heard in this game there is an autoaim with healing. If you take that autoaim away its much better. You can also chose for someting like medpacks.
  6. Without autoaim it would be too hard, trust me u want autoaim!
  7. From what I have already seen, the Medic seems like a good option, but will be played as a chore by people who want to do more damage. As for those who want to be support based characters, if the engineer gets some (or one) healing station it will be played in preference to the more specialised medic because its turrets can pump out more damage, shields for blocking off doors or simply damage mitigation. Unless as has been previously mentioned the medic has some decent buffs/debuffs and a damage output that can equal the engineer, then it will rarely be played by high level players.
  8. I love how I don't pay attention to the enemy's health, only figuring out what their doing that will effect me while making sure everyone stay's at high health. Threat systems that let the healer keep some threat really makes it more entertaining, and forces the "healer to rely as much on the tank as the tank does on the healer". Healing's easy these days, with the tank keeping threat 100% of the time I can just stand still in PvE, heal and damage things equally, without any offensive buffs. A healer should have to heal all the time, if he can use his energy for damage instead of healing, then he deserves more threat. Of course, any decent healer, would think more of his evasive maneuvers then his offensive at that point.
  9. In WoW I had a Priest and a Paladin both. I often found myself playing the Paladin more and similar to what @Ibim said I went Ret/Prot which gave me a nice balance of tanking abilities with healing or damage abilities with healing. Often times the one thing that bogs down Healer type classes is the fact that its hard to deal out damage when its needed while still keeping up with keeping you're group healed.

    Hopefully you guys can find a way that if need be the Medic class will be able to protect itself to an extent if you get cut off from the group or if you are playing solo that it won't be the quick and easy destruction of the Medics! =]
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  10. I've just got a question. Being a healer implies being a backup for your team in co-op doesn't it ? So does Firefall allow the medic class to gain access to a large variety of weapons ? Usually medics are tanks that have a load of MP and HP, and are useful only in co-op. I don't mind being slowed down by extra equipment, but don't you think it would just be awesome if medics could actually fight while healing their partners ? (of course having limited damage, cause the point in being a medic is healing -> Captain Obviooous.)
  11. PS: also, it would be cool if healers had a chance in pvp, cause by their standard reputation, they would just run out of MP and die alone.
  12. in most games i like combo's i've yet to see a combo healer though..

    there are usually combo mages, where if you do A then B something special happens but if you do A then C something else happens.. depending on the situation..

    it would be cool to see that in a healer.

    though to answer your question, i usually like heals that give a buff as well, such as a dmg reduction buff or a damage amplifier buff.

    i also like debuffs

    i like to do some damage myself..

    a power sapping ability where i could send it off to one of my team mates would be cool

    a buffing/debuffing combo skill if you would. something where it debuffs my enemies and lets me buff my team mates with whatever i sapped from my enemy (at half rate of course, taking a lot from my enemy and giving all of it to a team mate would be OP depending on what i was sapping)

    i enjoy aura's constant effects that constantly buff my team mates and the only way to take off the effect is to kill the medic. It wouldn't necessarily be a big buff and it could cost nothing, or it could be a major buff and cost something to keep it on.

    if i think of any more i'll post it.

    Edit: thought of one more.. in warhammer online there was a class that healed and did damage, the more it did damage the better it's heal got, and the more it healed the better it's damage was. that was a cool mechanic.
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  13. @frohammer Yeah the warhammer class was pretty cool. I think as a support a high-damage mechanic med would be the best.
  14. See I think that a Dread/Medic combo would be lethal because with all there shields and heavy weapon they could essentially just put themselves in a shield with a medic and while the medic healed/buffed the dread could lay down serious firepower and when the shield finally did go down the medic is there to keep the dread up and healed whiled keeping everything back =] Should be interesting though to see how it all plays out. The discussion about Dark Gels to is interesting. Would be cool to see what those are =]
  15. One of the most important things for healing to me is a UI where I can easily tell where my teammates are and what HP they have so I can know where to be most effective.
    Maneuverability is also key so I can get to those teammates and support them. Some games the medic will have little mobility so they will get caught in little skirmishes and end up wasting time not even healing.

    Another enjoyable thing about healing is when you support enough where you can see the turn in battle and healing may not help at this moment so you can switch to a weapon that isn't very powerful but it pushes enough where you don't feel useless watching your teammates mop up.

    Mostly I think the UI for knowing who needs the support is one of the most important. I wasn't a big TF2 player, but I played medic and enjoyed the setting that made teammates flash HP and call heals when they reached a specific amount of HP.
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  16. I also enjoy when the healing class/job is difficult, that way hard work(play?) rewards the player.
    Most games the healing job is fairly simple making the healer the easy to go to class, which downplays it overall.
    Difficult without inconvenience so you can really push the skill based shooting into the class that should be all about it.
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  17. Don't let medics be able to keep fights going forever.
  18. I wonder if the medic resurrects players faster than the other battle frames (not counting the instant rezz skill).
  19. They hopefully should. Seeing as how they are the main healers in the game often times main healers have more and faster rez options over other classes.
  20. i like playing healing/support because there always needed, so you always get into ques and stuff faster. Plus not everyone can be a good healer, so if you can actually heal your needed. In global agenda the only thing i didnt like about fps healer was the fact that if someone ran into your heal beam, you start healing the person right in front of you. If there was a system where you could click who your going to heal instead of who ever runs in front of you, maybe a little better aoe heals too. "raid" healing or "group" healing i feel is not looked upon as much as single target healing. Group healing benefits in tight spots or objective pvp. Like defend a objective of attack an objective. If your whole team is on the base and everyone is taking aoe damage, instead of healing every single person at a time, heal them all at once. One other thing i have seen on other healer/support classes, is when your hots (healing over time) don't stack up.
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