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PTS - Omnicon token rewards

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by Neouni, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Let's list them first:
    -Silver Accord Vending Token 4x
    -New You Unlock: Omnicon Decal 1x
    -New You Unlock: Omnicon Warpaint 5x
    -Unlock Title: Arc Runner 2x
    -Unlock Title: The Gun Show 3x

    I got the Arc Runner and Decal with my first 3 tokens, which are awarded for the special daily achievements while omnicon is active.
    Please note these will award calldowns, which you need to use to get the award !
    Arc Runner works fine after a couple of re-entries in the garage and /rui
    The Decal is nowhere to be found in the paintshop and new you