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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rompy, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Rompy Skullbane


    • Added three professions: Weapon Production, Frame Module Production and Ability Production.
    • Added a section for 'General Knowledge' which anyone can research regardless of their profession.
    • The Weapon Production profession concentrates in manufacturing all signature and secondary weapons.
    • The Frame Module Production profession concentrates in manufacturing Battleframe items such as Servos, Jumpjets, Plating and Hyper Kinesis Modules (HKMs).
    • The Ability Production profession concentrates in manufacturing non-HKM Battleframe abilities.
    • In General Knowledge, players can upgrade their Thumper research, Refining research or Inventory upgrades.
    • Researching new technologies will require Research Points, which can be gained through salvaging equipment.
    • Players are able to switch professions at a cost. Any progress made in previous professions will be saved should the player choose to return to a profession they already put research into.
    • A profession respec will remove all current professions, allowing the player to select a new profession. There is no cost for adding a profession.
    • Profession respec costs start a 1,000 Crystite or 10 Red Beans. Each paid respec done in the previous 30 days will increase the cost by 5x Crystite or 2x Red Beans. For example:
      • First respec within 30 days: 1,000 Crystite or 10 Red Beans.
      • Second respec within 30 days: 5,000 Crystite or 20 Red Beans.
      • Third respec within 30 days: 25,000 Crystite or 40 Red Beans.
    • If a profession respec does not occur in 30 days, the costs for a respec will drop back down. This works on a rolling window, so when changing professions multiple times within a thirty day period, thirty days from the first respec the cost will go down a level, and thirty days from the second respec the cost will go down another level, and so on.
    • All players will begin with one free respec, which will not increase costs when used, but will be used first (meaning that the free respec cannot be saved for when costs are high).
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    Does this mean that if I specialize in Weapon Production, I cannot craft ANY abilities at the printer? Not even stock ability crafting?
  3. IAmJohnGalt Founder

    There never was a way to craft stock abilities, and no if you spec into weapons all you can research and craft is primary and secondary weapons.
  4. Krhys Commander

    Yip - sucks, don't it!
  5. Krhys Commander

    My only question - why???
  6. JRedBear Founder

    For the betterment of the firefall economy. Or that is the best reason thats been given.

    and its a major downer on fun factor this game had going for it
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    So let me see if I've got this straight:

    If I choose to specialize in Weapon Production, I cannot research or craft any abilities, nor can I craft or research things such as jumpjets or servos, nor can I craft or research Thumpers / Refining / Inventory.

    Furthermore, if I want to improve my jumpjets, I now have three choices:

    1. Switch professions at a cost
    2. Buy jumpjets
    3. Find jumpjets

    Am I on target here? If so, I predict my future time will spent playing even more Skyrim.
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    So that Red :red5: can force us to roll new alts, so there are more opportunites to spend cash for Red Beans... Oh, that's right... YOU CAN'T ROLL ALTS!!! :mad:

    Yes! Time for us customers to start kicking and screaming about this. I think a few months of us all moving on to other games, may give them the hint.

    Pro Gamer Designer Tip 101:
    When you give your players something for free... don't then try to take it away, limit access or start charging stupid amounts of money for it. It worked soooo well for Netflix. :rolleyes:
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    Because they want people to use the marketplace more so they are crippling players crafting options. So instead of giving bonuses to specializing they felt taking player freedom away was better...yeah I don't get it either.
  10. Krhys Commander

    Looks like this whole 'specialisation' malarky is going to be a serious deal breaker for a lot of FF vets, inc myself. Guns r fun and all but there's only so many bugs you can kill before boredom sets in, so other tasks need to be enabled. Now one of those other tasks are being restricted. Makes absolutely no sense to me...

    Crafting is a core function of the game and I love it, however flawed it may be at this point in time. Now that's is being reduced, so will my enjoyment in this game. The market is only useful for picking up stuff you can't make, e.g. gucci dropped loot, or specific mineral types if you need them and don't have stocks yourself.

    What am I going to do with all the minerals I get if I can't build stuff? I'm not going to whack hundreds of guns in the oven then try and flog them on what will become a flooded market coz no one will buy them. So I ain't making money that way and losing good minerals, with loads of unwanted stuff sitting in my warehouse... I give up...
  11. BlindGuardian Field Marshal

    Because Asian MMOs specialize in bilking as much money as possible out of a relatively small number of players.
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    To you spend RB...
  13. Krhys Commander

    Well, I do hope it turns out better than what everyone is thinking, as this is definitely pointing to an attempt to revive a failing market system. Not sure how though but we'll wait and see.
    Although I haven't spent much real money on the game (I'm not into the VIP packs) I did buy the full founders pack and also tend to purchase a batch of RB now and again. Understandably, R5 do need cash to keep the game running and expanding and I do hope this nonsensical move towards 'specialisation' is more to do with developing the game onwards and not an attempt to squeeze more RBs out of those still doggedly holding on for a better FF. If it is the latter, you know it is a steady downward slope to disaster...
  14. McFini Skullbane


    Because we were all too self-sufficient and clearly did not interact with one another as a community as much as they were hoping, so by limiting us to crafting specific sub-sets of gear, we'll have to reach out and use a clunky marketplace in order to sustain ourselves in our future journeys across the world... Or die horribly as we refuse and run with nothing but stock.... in Antarctica... as recons :p

    Personally, I'm not entirely sure how they could squeeze more RBs out of this, at least, not in significant quantities. Maybe hurrying production to push out more items to the marketplace faster, but items only disappear as fast as people find and buy them... VIP pack purchases might increase as people scramble to print more stuff at once but, at least from my perspective, I don't intend to spend gobs of money to unlock additional printer slots just to build stuff to toss onto the marketplace.
  15. Nokzen Commander

    Thumpers and refining and inventory is for everyone i think, general profession. but other than that yes you are on target.

    This system has already increased the demand for items on PTS (theres obviously not a market there at all cause of no players)

    I guess it can work, vets (me included) will be butthurt at first, but lets see how it goes.
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    Oh, I'll be more than happy to give it a whirl, but if what I'm hearing from other players and what I'm reading from this and other posts is any indication, I don't think this is going to go over very well.
  17. Nokzen Commander

    well to be fair we have been used to too much freedom, when that gets taken away people will be butthurt, thats how it goes, that is how it went when Durability was suddenly introduced, some can take it some cant, all games has and needs limitations.

    Actually i can make a set of gear that last longer than a month (durability wise) and if i want to respec into being able to craft all i need in a set of gear, i need to spend 6000 cy a month on respecs, i think i can handle that if we get that far. but we will all get grandfathered so that isent even needed for many of us.
  18. Tomonor AMD Operator

    According to Red5, you are supposed to sell everything that has no use for yourself. That's what makes an economy driven game. With all these resources around, it was just a matter of time before this happened, really.

    Is it for the better or for the worse? We shall see next patch.
  19. bobsmith99 Laser Lancer


    Nozken you are correct anyone can craft thumpers/refining/inventory. In fact in the section of the tentative patch notes Pez posted it explicitly states
    • Added a section for 'General Knowledge' which anyone can research regardless of their profession.
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  20. Krhys Commander

    I hope so - took freakin' ages to research my Squad Thumper 3...