PR Issue for Firefall?

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    eh the truth of the matter is that people have the right to boycott a game, but my guess once the rave reviews come out, people of all races/regligons/orientations will more than likely try the game. Remember, just because someone doesn't download/play on day 1, doesn't mean they wont on day 30, 60 or 90 or a year later etc....

    I expect that most of the outrage expressed, will subside overtime, especially since OSC is not a permanent employee, but a consultant.
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    it's not so much why they care, it's why they register here and tell everyone about it?
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    He has been registered since September right?
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    and made exactly one post...this one.
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    Welcome to the Govermental system of the United States; where the few, who hold large wallets (or finacial backers) get heard and get to make the choices the rest of us have to live with.
    Really Lobbyists need to DIAF and be submerged in liquid nitrogen before being tossed off of a skyscraper (IMO)
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    Just to ruffle feathers and feel important while doing it, why else?
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    That sentence was really the purpose of my post. I really, really want Firefall to be as successful as it looks like it's going to be, but being silent on the issue isn't the best response to this sort of thing. I won't throw down some stupid ultimatum about refusing to play because boycotting a F2P game is pointless, but a gesture of welcome by Red 5 would definitely go a long way with the gay community. We tend to preferentially reward progressive companies with our business and happily tell all of our friends about it.
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    My question is, why do they need to state that they welcome the gay community, when they've already said that OSC's beliefs are his own independent ones and don't reflect Red 5's ideals? FadedPez linked a quote to you from Grummz, who is Mark Kern, Red 5's CEO, stating basically that OSC and Red 5 differ in viewpoints on such matters.

    I totally understand feeling accepted and all that, as women in gaming isn't always a sunny road to travel. But. I think Red 5 has already separated themselves from OSC, which should be viewed in a positive light by the gay community--and Red 5 shouldn't have to do much because OSC is such a small, small cog in this whole process. He is a consultant for a story for a manga that is more or less unnecessary to enjoy the game, and has no input on the game whatsoever.

    Red 5 wants anyone and everyone to play, and that to me already feels like you are welcome. Honestly, you are. But I don't think it's necessary for them to do anything more than what they've already done, where the CEO says they disagree with his personal views but respect his professional work.

    I'm sorry, but asking for more than that just seems a bit much to me.
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    Absolutely. I was thinking the same thing last night but did not want to type that much. Nice post. And all are welcome in Firefall :)
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    Red 5 shouldnt have to defend the beliefs of its employees or consultants. Believing that anti-gay rhetoric from OSC would make it into the game is like thinking that he would somehow sneak in his Mormon beliefs into the game as well.

    It sucks that the man has to be so closed minded like that but red 5 really shouldn't have to say anything on the matter and trust that the man can keep his work and personal life separate. If not that what editors are for.
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    I was more worried that his favorite coffee would make it into the game *Shudder* The horror...
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    I'm pretty sure they are against intolerance in all forms. Not through saying anything directly as they tend to want to keep politics out of forum (within reason,) but they are very on point with their code of conduct and have removed any offensive homophobic statements.
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    The problem is that it isn't even the homesexual/lesbian community overall nor the gamers that happen to be homesexual/lesbian whatever. its teh goddamned Armchair politico F-tards that go on tirads like this.
    Decrying anyone and anything that doens't have a HUGE billboard stating in 27 languages
    "GAYS WELCOME HERE!" Thier the ones posting idiotic fallacy riddled reverse hatemongering like the blog linked in the OP. Is Orson Scott
    Card a complete bigot? Yes.
    Is orson scott card also an excellent sci-fi author? yes
    Am i signing up to get his newsletter or play a game he happened to write a sci-fi story for? Obviously the latter option. At the end of the day his political/ethical/moral standpoint is none of my goddamned bloody business as long as he writes a good story that leaves his opinions at the doorstep.
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    I really do not understand why this issue is continuously brought up. I can see if people were outraged if OSC's views represented all of :red5:, but they don't.

    If you like the game, stay because of the game. Ignore OSC, as there are MUCH more powerful and influential people out there who are against Gay marriage and equality. Your time and energy are better focused on them, instead of a lone man who's views on this issue will most likely be suppressed to prevent communal backlash.
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    We haven't been silent. I've answered the questions presented previously and I'm happy to do so again. I've been asked if OSC represents Red 5's political views. They do not...not any more than the republicans and democrats who work for Red 5 represent our political views. I've been asked if we are an equal opportunity employer, and I've answered yes, yes we are. Now I am happy to answer your own question with "yes...we welcome the gay and lesbian community into our game and our company."

    I hope that the author of the original article on gay gamer can separate Red 5's creative work, which is the entirety of Firefall, from the contributions of one author (of two authors...his daughter is involved) to a manga about the game and some story concepts we have incorporated into Firefall.
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    Well here is the thing,

    1). OSC has been working on the backstory/Manga long before the announcement. Venting frustration at this point isn't going to get red 5 to fire him. OSC's influence will in the story of the game, even if he was terminated immediately.

    2) I don't understand why the gay community would need a "special welcome", I didn't get a special welcome, nor would you be asking for one outside the OSC reveal. Why does the gay community require a special announcement of welcoming to play this game? (assuming they are united as implied).

    3) It seems that a lot of people who have a problem with this are just engaging in attention seeking behavior, without offering much value.

    To enhance the last point. This community by a large majority do not care about single posts saying "I WONT PLAY YOUR GAME". Especially when we saw about 4 or 5 people do just that. It is ineffective, worthless, and screams of "I'm gay so treat me special, and better than everyone else".

    IF people are that offended, and cannot part themselves from OSC just being a consultant, than that is a choice. Feel free to wage war against Red 5. However, I think its a shame that the political views of one, can unfortunately ruin a great game for a certain section of gamers.

    But that is just my opinion on the subject. if the gay community considers red 5's choice of consultant an unforgivable infraction upon their beliefs/lifestyle, than posting here will not change anything. The game will be out when its ready. Fans of the game (gay or not) are just waiting to get in the beta/play the full version.

    IF you decide that you just can't bear these facts, I would suggest you have the creator of the site send Red 5 an e-mail saying that members of his community will not play this game due to the fact that OSC is a consultant.

    People registering an account for single posts seems like more an excuse to blast people, rather than address any particular need or concern of the game ittself.
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    Brilliant IRL tip. This:
    is more likely to be heard and acted on and less likely to be tuned out and villainized than this:
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    That ^

    Not like I give a damn anyways...
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    I was originally going to post something silly, pointless, and stupid like "There's gay people?", but after reading the thread, I'm going to reiterate some of the important portions:

    5 has explicitly stated that they welcome all communities, and that their consultants and employees' personal views do NOT reflect the views of the company.

    To boycott a game based off of someone who is influencing a game without first getting the facts can be considered being a bigot yourself.

    The best decision to make everyone happy: drop the subject and leave it alone. People will be in disagreement with you, not much you can do about it. Just stop perpetuating the hate and leave the discussion, the problem will die quickly.

    /posted because I kill threads with my creepy avatar.
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    The question has been answered, and a philosophical debate on companies and their policies will not only get us nowhere it is also in violation of the CoC. I'm going to now check out some more stuff on China Joy if I can.