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    1. You should have above minimal knowledge of the MLP universe. It's recommended.
    2. Not a place to live out your weird pony "dreams" keep them in your mind and not in this thread.
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    The town was was dark and silent. Night had only just settled minutes ago. The buildings cast long shadows formed by the only light. It came from the plaza and shown brightly with many colors. Ponies from all over town were gathered here, socializing amongst each other. They were gathered here for the concert being held. Ponyvilles residents all hushed down as a screech emitted through the speakers. "Are you ready!" Shouted a the mayor from behind a micro phone. The ponies stomped their hooves against the ground in excitement and shouted back, "YES!" The mayor smiled before ordering for the curtains to be drawn and revealed the pony band that stood behind it. Belial, the lead singer, replaced the mayor behind the microphone as he left the stage. He took a deep breath as a silence came over the crowd.

    Belial/ Stage

    Belial looked over the crowd and all of Ponyvilles residents. They smiled back at him in anticipation of the music to be played. Stage fright began to creep up his back and he looked back to his drummer and nodded. Lets do this, he thought as the drummer clapped his sticks together and began to play. The guitarist and bass joined in and the music fused together into a beautiful blend of sound. Belial rocked his head to the beat they produced and waited for his que... There it was. He began to sing the lyrics to the song with perfect pitch.
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    Edited: Sorry i missuderstod the rules.

    Name: Gentle Edge
    Gender: Male
    Coat Color: White
    Mane Color: Shiny brown
    Short Bio: Very honorable and always willing to help, Gentle Edge comes from a working family land ponies, the eldest of 3 brothers, left home in search of his destiny, but not very well directed, has stopped to rest in Ponyville little, but it seems that he liked the city ...

    Likes: exploring, fighting and helping others
    Hate: the dishonest, tomatoes (only slightly) and cold water
  3. Eriksson Commander


    Chit Chat/Mansion

    "Could you bring me a cup of tea, Platter?" said Chit Chat to his butler "Ohh and can you bring those vanilla biscuits, please? The evening is ever so nice and the only thing missing is something delicious in my stomach."

    "Right away, sir. Is that all?" asked Platter.

    "Yes, that will be all for today. You can take the rest of the day off, no need to worry."

    After reading through the book and eating the biscuits, Lord Chit Chat just started to enjoy the peace and quiet in Ponyville. That is, of course, before the band started playing. He was knocked out of his chair when they started.
    "Dear Celestia, what is that?" Chit Chat looked through the window to see flashing lights all over Ponyville, and the streets full of ponies celebrating something. "Hmm, maybe I should take walk and see what's going on."

    Lord Chit Chat walked into town to see there was a concert in place. After the first initial sound blast, he came to enjoy the bend.

    "I say, this is rather catchy." Chit Chat smiled as he enjoyed.
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    Gentle Edge/Concert

    far from the fervent crowd, Gentle Edge was resting his tired hooves "I think has been very good idea to stop and rest in this town", he said while enjoying the music with a little smile, and thought "I've been traveling too long, and this looks like a nice place to stay", then he look at the sky and said out loud" Bah! I decide that in the next few days, is not the first time I think that a place is ideal for me" now it's time to enjoy the pleasant music.
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    Belial/ Stage

    Belial continued singing, never missing a single note. His voice flowed through the speakers as he sang the chorus for the final time. The music then stopped as they had reached the end of the song. Belial looked out over the crowd who burst into loud cheers and began to stomp their hooves. He smiled, "Thank you, thank you." He said over the crowds noise. The mayor walked up now and ushered him away from the microphone. He and his band were only there to open the concert. Belial and the rest of his band departed from the stage and joined the crowd. The mayor introduced another band before they promptly began to play more music.
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    Gentle Edge/Concert

    "Get up lazzy hooves!" said G.E as he stretched and tried to get up from where he lay "you will never know if this is the ideal place if you pass sleeping all the day" had arrived just at the time when the other band started playing, G.E look around and saw the band previous leaving the stage, and shout "Good job, guys! even hear from where I was lying! you are doing great keep up the good rhythm!" said that, he turned and headed into the multitude.
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    Chit Chat/Concert

    Chit Chat enjoyed Belial's band through the end and he was amazed about this new type of music. He saw the band leave the stage and join the crowd and he immediately went straight for them.

    "Ehm, hello. Sorry for being rude for not giving you gentlecolts a chance to catch your breath, but you performance was so brilliant that I couldn't stop myself. I'm not from these parts you see and I was wondering what kind of new music was that? It was so liberating and clean and beyond beautiful." Chit Chat asked Belial.
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    Belial/ Concert

    Belial looked up at the pony that had shouted and smiled at the comment. Good to know I have the approval of everypony. Belial turned his attention now to the pony that talked to him. "Erm... yes the kind of music we just played was pop indie rock. As you can tell by the name it's not common because so few artists participate in it." Belial comments and frowns, "The names Belial... might I ask for yours?"
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    Chit Chat/Concert

    "Oh, excuse me, my name is Lord Chit Chat the 2nd of Muffinham. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir. I was wondering that you might want to stay the night at my mansion after the concert. Your performance was so refreshing that I would like to repay you in some way. " Chit Chat told Belial.
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    Belial/ Concert

    Belial ruble the back of his head in uneasiness, "Uhhh... yeah sure?" He said with an amount of uncertainty. "I haven't checked in to the hotel yet so I guess if you're offering a free place to stay i'll take." Belial took a look around, his band ponies were dispersed amongst the crowd, guess no one to save me, he thought.
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    Gentle Edge/ Concert

    "I saw the band members for opening and not even occurred to me to request an autograph, I hope you are not gone all" G.E said while looking in the audience, two ponies entoncesdistinguio away from the crowd, immediately recognized the vocalist but the pony class with him seemed high, so decided to act with caution and manners "pardon my intrusion but you're not the lead singer of the opening band? could give me an autograph? is that I have not attended many concerts" glanced at the upper-class pony and made a reverence "good evening Sir, pardon the intrusion" said with a smile.
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    Belial/ Concert

    Belial looked over at the new comer. "Uh... yeah I guess I could. Do you have a pen and piece of paper?" He asked the pony.
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    Gentle Mane/ Concert

    "Always ready for all" said with a smile, then he took a pen and a piece of yellow tainted paper "sorry about the paper hehe, that happen when you travel in middle of the rain"
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    Belial/ Concert

    Belial took the piece of paper and set it down upon the nearest table. He then scratched down his signature with the provided pen. "There ya go! A signature from Belial to you." He said enthusiastically, giving the paper back. "So... can I ask for your name also?" Belial asked raising his brow.
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    "Sure!... Gentle Edge at your service nice to meet you... your band has a talent for music, Uh can i ask your name?" said with a relaxed tone.
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    Belial/ Concert

    "Oh yes, my name is Belial." He responded quickly, "So Gentle Mane, might I ask if your from around here? By the looks of it I assume that you're not, but I could and can be wrong." Belial said, getting a little bit more comfortable around the group.
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    Gentle Edge/ Concert

    "Oh ... hehe no I'm not from around here, I come from far away traveling in search of my destiny, I know it sounds strange but during my travels I have seen amazing things, but now I just want to relax, and this city seems the ideal place" He felt he forgot something and turned to high-class Pony "oh my apologies sir, I've been chatting all this time in front of you, and I have not had the education to introduce myself, my name is Gentle Edge nice to meet you Mr.?" said a little nervous
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    Chit Chat/Concert

    "Lord Chit Chat, Mr. Gentle Edge. It is a pleasure to meet you as well. Did I hear something about you "traveling in search of your destiny"? " Chit Chat replied to Gentle Edge.
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    Gentle Edge/ Concert

    "Yes, My lord, I leave some time ago the town where I lived for travel around the world and find my way, but for now I only spent traveling from town to town helping people" said a little more comfortable.
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    Belial/ Concert

    "Well then it would seem that we're all new to Ponyville!" He said enthusiastically, looking around once again for his band mates. They were still all about the crowd, giving out autographs or just socializing.