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PLEASE HELP! Am I even real?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by madrob, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Hi all. been playing for about a week now and the game is fun, but I am unable to - add friends - see any chat - type any chat - join any groups - or be invited by people standing next to me in the game world. I tried making a second account to see if it was my name or anything but same problem. kinda getting to the point now where progression means groups so getting kinda desperate for help. cheers.
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    try submitting a support ticket
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    i would submit a support ticket if it doesn't fix itself.

    it seems like an account/personal issue, not a global issue, if it was global the forums would be flooded with topics about it. since its account/personal based, support should be able to fix you up :)
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    Hello Madrob,

    I sure hope you are real! Please send us a ticket so we can help you. (ó㉨ò)ノ

    Thank You,

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    I did a few days ago. i'll try it again thanks.
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    It looks like you sent a bug report and not a ticket. That is probably why we have not seen it yet. We will keep an eye out for the ticket.
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    ok sent in ticket with console log attached lets hope it can be fixed.

    thankyou for your intrest and help guys. been most frustrating for the last week. so much so that I am on the forum, normally would quit game but i like this one.
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    Yeah i did notice that when i sent the ticket, thought this looks different
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