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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nemein, Mar 17, 2013.

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    can someone tell me or even better link me were i can find the latest patch notes on this game i cant find them anywere

    i want them for fridays upcoming patch ??
  2. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    Patch notes for the upcoming build are not posted. We are waiting until we have an approved RC because things can change up until that point. We won't be posting them until day of.
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  3. Nokzen Commander

    oh yea its this friday! :)
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  5. SpringField Field Marshal

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  6. Hotel6 Mentor

    patch note always been posted before the patch a couple hours, so let's just wait till 22nd.
  7. wFx Founder

    Patch Notes - PAX Build (Friday, March 22, 2013 - by wFx - NOT OFFICIAL AND MIGHT BE REALLY REALLY WRONG)
    - Battleframe Tiers Removed
    - Basic Army Features implemented (Creating, Talking, Inviting, etc)
    - PvP and PvE has been split off, you now have a default set of Skills and Gear for each frame in PvP. This should help balance the game specifically for PvP.
    - Garage Slots Removed and Refunded for players who purchased additional garage slots.
    - Battleframes are now unique and some have new skills, unlocking a Battleframe requires Tokens or RedBeans.
    - Battleframes now have a "Ultimate" ability, you charge this by Dealing Damage, Healing or Tanking.
    - Tokens are earned by playing the game, XP Boosts technically increase the speed at which you earn Tokens.
    - New Crafting system has been implemented.
    - New Player Tutorial has been implemented, everyone will see it when they login for the first time after the patch.
    - Chosen Warfront Expanded
    - PvP Leaderboards reset.
    - Old Encounters Migrated to new Encounter Scripting Technology.
    - Servers are now threaded correctly and can correctly utilize additional server CPU resources. (Basically the servers use more CPU Cores, increasing game server performance)
    - Servers (AI Specifically) now utilize 64-Bit so they have additional memory (RAM) resources open to them for consumption.
    - Performance Increases are to be expected, especially with Shadows enabled.
    - Old Crystite is now Beta Crystite which will be used to unlock unique rewards for Beta Testers. These rewards may be small things like XP Boosts, they are not finalized.
    - Old Minerals are now useless for crafting, they will be turned into Beta Crystite which means it's basically a mineral wipe but you'll be getting the same beta crystite rewards for them.
    - Red 5 Rangers are now getting a 75% Raise, they also no longer need to report to anyone, also they were given Paintball Guns with Geo-targeting.
    - Any Battleframes you have will have their XP Reset, you will be able to spend this XP again.
    - Any Battleframes you have unlocked (not purchased) will now be usable regardless of whether or not you have purchased them with Crystite in the past.
    - Numerous changes to Voice Assets, Art Assets, Environment Assets, etc. (Bulk of the download size is probably right here)
    - Changes to back end systems in order to optimize WebUI Usage. (Garage, Inventory, Interface shit basically)
    - Fixed Bugs
    - Added additional unlisted features, assets, NPC's, optimizations, bugs, etc.

    I ain't even trolling or nuffin.
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    Patch Notes:
    - Added new shit.
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  9. NeoXonE Founder



    P.S: Sorry
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  10. Dr. Bacterial Mentor

    ThaCheez style, bro )) Submit this for Do You Even Art ;)
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    Patch Notes for Chosen Warfront Team

    -Drank more coffee this milestone than previous
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  12. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    *le dragon appears*

    There was a rumor going around that you were kidnapped by Phobos and that you and your team were locked in dark room with lots of PCs and a bottle of water and chosen plushies.O.O
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    Some things aren't rumors.
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    [IMG] GIFSoup
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  15. BladeHenge Commander

    So, how did the chosen plushies taste?
    Like Jawbones I suspect?
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    God, this was a bad time to get back into planetside2.
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    Haha I know. I've been holding on to my Alpha Squad boost since they reissued them a month ago... Too much going on to use it up now! Firefall milestone, Marvel Heroes beta is going on, new BF3 expansion, Tera went F2P, New Hawken patch... sigh.
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    It would be nice if each of the patch notes were organized on one page. This would cut down on all of the searching one must do to see what has been improved/added over time.
  19. CosmicD Mentor

    OMG you said "shit" in patchnotes :p

    Anywya, my patch notes with a question mark:

    - Incursion and melding tornado have their propper endings ?
    - Copa invasion enabled ?
    - are the formerly announced "T3" weapons in ? (nova cannon etc)
  20. anubis4567 Founder

    All of the patch notes are in the Beta Announcements forum.
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