Patch Notes for v0.5.1524

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Phobos, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Phobos Producer

    Gameplay Changes
    • New "Mouth" category for New You allowing for gas masks and other items that are not full-face.
    • Warpaint patterns are now available even without a custom warpaint.
    • You will now be alerted to what award you've unlocked when completing an achievement.
    • Chosen should fire more often with higher accuracy.
    • Hellclaw health increased to 1450 up from 1250.
    • Thumping near the melding should be slightly easier than before.
    • More resource veins should appear in the available world as opposed to behind the melding curtain or under unthumpable rocks.
    • Adjusted the costs on the Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell (less expensive) and the Empty Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (more expensive)
    • Changed Crystalline and Polymer resource categories to "Ionic" and "Covalent" respectively.
    • Blackwater and Orbital Comm Tower give out 2x the resources for both winning and losing.
    • Blackwater Harvester will now properly give out basalt.
    • Re-enabled basalt blending in manufacturing station.
    • Players will no longer be kicked for being AFK if they are queued for PvP in open world.
    • Secondary weapons once again have limited ammo.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where Orbital Comm Tower matches would not be saved or would be saved incorrectly (Loss instead of a Win or vice versa)
    • Fixed issues where a team would get over backfilled (6v5 on TDM).
    • Player skill rating scaling will no longer start from scratch when requeuing after a failed match launch.
    • Fixed a memory leak on matchmaking servers.
    • Players should no longer go invisible after respawning
    • Terrain should no longer appear invisible after respawning.
    • Multiple performance optimizations.
    • Weird things that Lutz did that I can't comprehend because he uses code in his comments, but I'm sure are awesome changes.
    • Fixes for the garage erroring out due to "missing items".
    • Fixed bug that showed self heals displaying twice in 3rd person.
    • Fixed some client-side crashes.
    • Fixed an issue with squad challenges that would prevent the match from starting.
    • Fixed an issue where Baneclaw health scaling could give the Baneclaw way more health than was intended.
    • Fixed issues on Orbital Comm Tower that would not identify the correct winner.
    • Fixed the lower forcefields on the Orbital Comm Tower attacker spawn so that you can not leave the spawn until the match begins.
    • Fixed infinite glider exploit. Sorry.
    Binary diff patch is approximately 13 megabytes.
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  3. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    We'll see about that!!! :D
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  4. L33T* Hero of the Accord

    Good to see you guys back on top of things so quickly!
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    No more infinite ammo? Sadface...
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    this is the best part of the entire update. I really hated finding minerals only to be unpleasantly surprised with their % node location under a rock.
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    Nice patch list, and fast! :D
  8. Granite Commander

    Sounds great! Can we get a few more clues when he gets a chance?
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  9. Tld4 Founder

    Damn :mad: Lol:p

    Also i wasnt expecting a patch since you guys just came back from vacation. :red5: never fails to amaze me including unintentional bugs :p
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  11. bobsmith99 Laser Lancer

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    Mehh disappointed :(
  13. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    That's pretty much my favorite!
  14. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    Ugh... really??? I'm disappointed.
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    Not seeing this in the game. Didn't make it, or you meant Bismuth maybe?
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  16. Brezals Beta Commando

    yeah, man explain yourself.
  17. RainDreamer Black Cats

    Let us start Harvesters.
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  18. bobsmith99 Laser Lancer

    like this
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  19. bazaba Sturmreiter|1Sturmreiterin

    Hmmm... let's check the awesomeness Lutz implemented.
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    a 13MB patch but im donwloading a 66.48MB patch? or im confuse?
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