Patch Notes for v0.5.1460

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by FadedPez, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    Patch Notes for v0.5.1460

    Game Changes

    • Luau Larry now sells XP Boosts.
    • Adjusted matchmaker, players should get in different matches than just Sunken Harbor.
    You called down the Thunder..err Thumper..
    • Stock Personal Thumper, Improved Personal Thumper, Advanced Personal Thumper have been renamed ("Personal" removed from each name).
    • Rebalanced Improved and Advanced Thumpers. Both are now tailored to groups and are considerably more difficult.
    • Improved Thumper (Recommended 2-4 players): ~4 minutes, 12,500 health, 1,500 capacity.
    • Advanced Thumper (Recommended 4-5 players): ~5 minutes, 15,000 health, 4,500 capacity.
    • Crystalline Crystite Engine required materials reduced to 250 Crystite (down from 1,000), and 1,000 Crystalline (down from 2,000).
    • Added Polymer Drillbit Casing to the molecular printer. These are used to create Advanced Thumpers. Required materials: 250 Crystite, 500 Polymer.
    • Improved Thumper recipe changed to: 750 Crystite, 1 Crystalline Crystite Engine.
    • Advanced Thumper recipe changed to: 1,500 Crystite, 3 Crystalline Crystite Engine, 5 Polymer Drillbit Casing, 1 Advanced MPU.
    • Adjusted Dreadnaught's Reactive Armor from 250hp, 1hp/s, 0 defense to 50 hp, 3hp/s, 1.5 defense. This was done in order to address Dreadnaughts reaching upwards of 1900hp.
    • Adjusted Healing Ball. Previously, hitting a target directly with healing ball would only heal that target. Now when directly hitting a friendly, it will heal allies in that area also.
    • Healing Ball no longer heals enemies. This is to increase utility for Healing Ball in open world scenarios.
    • Resonating Bolts stick to surfaces once again. Explosion radius slightly reduced from 8m to 6m. This will increase the ability's utility in the open world.
    • Nova Cannon alt fire now consumes 1 ammo.
    • EMP Grenade deals 450 damage over its duration to enemies in the open world.
    Bug Fixes

    • Closed up some seams in the world.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not purchase additional Garage slots.
    • Some stairs have been adjusted for easier navigation (Sunken Harbor POI).
    • Fixed some areas where the LGV would get stuck.
    • Fixed a collision issue with one of the Melding Tornado shards.
    • Fixed an issue with the hitbox of the Melding Tornado's core.
    • Fixed an issue where players were not getting 100% XP for critical assists and squad assists.
    • Toxic Aranhas should now award the same XP as creatures of its size/type (15 base XP).
    • Fixed an issue where 50 Explosive Aranhas would occasionally spawn.
    • Fixed an issue where defenders could not leave the spawn room in the second round of OCT.
    Battleframe Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Creeping Death would not last its full duration.
    • Fixed a bug where the sniper rifle was doing 400 damage per shot while un-scoped. The damage should be the same whether scoped or un-scoped now (375).
    • Tier 1 Astrek Tesla Rifle rate of fire bonus is no longer negative.
    Our QA team is working on verifying build health and stability, patch should be live soon after they are done.
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  2. Tech Support Guy Commander

    Is the 4th battleframe slot fixed?
  3. #4
    You should be able to purchase battleframe slots again
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  4. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    You mean the Garage slots?
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  5. Tech Support Guy Commander

  6. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    Edit: what he said, did not find an RN for this but it was fixed! Updated the patch notes, thanks Alex.
  7. SixShot Stellar Ponies

    How nice!
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    Can't wait to test it out tomorrow.
  9. Alondaar Commander

    The Healing Ball already does not heal enemies in the live build, neither in PvE nor PvP from what I've tested. Also, it doesn't affect utility in PvE, rather... Having it heal enemies, but still self-heal the Biotech would be interesting. (On direct hits*)
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    Finally! Now we will take down always the tornados.
  11. Mewmix Field Marshal

  12. Carnage2K4 Commander

    NICE, thumping will be good again, THANK YOU red 5
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    YAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!! The real resonating bolts are back !!!
    Without the marksman rifle they shouldn't be too problematic :)
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    patch has some error wont finish patch ;o

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    Please let us know what you think of the current changes!
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    I love this too! we will again play in groups and will stop thump alone.
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    you fix engineer after I get my damn upgrade
    RAWR! :mad:
    revert our points plox
  18. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    What kind of error are you getting?
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    What error are you getting when patching? Please be specific with what filename the patcher is stopping at.

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