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Optional Crafting Components

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by Inimicul, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Inimicul Mad Scientist

    While looking through the list of things various items could be crafted with using the optional components, I came across two things that I'm curious about.

    1: Cryo Grenade allows us to add a Fire Gland to it. LOL? I'm guessing it's supposed to be Icy Gland but long hours and eye strain do dirty things to people.

    2: None of the plates for the various frames allow the new optional components except for the Arsenals plate. The tooltip says we can add the following optional components: Claw Shell Fragment, Fire Gland, Cornea, Brontodon Ivory, Brinewyrm Goo, Poison Gland, Ink Sack, Space Manipulator, Drone Module, Hypercapacitor, Explosive Device, Culex Wings.

    I can't even imagine.
  2. Fiery_Man Storm Rider

    so u can't add any optional item to any ability?.....i mean u can't add for example a Tresher Whiptail to a Power Field to add knockback effect?....if so i will be DISAPPOINTED >.<
  3. Nerfbane Calamity

    I imagine it makes a cryo grenade that slows them and sets them on fire.
  4. Inimicul Mad Scientist

    Perfect time for the ice burn image but I can't be arsed to google it. Also, I don't want to look at those wankers again.