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Omnidyne M LGV: Bug

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by Chaos8888, Dec 11, 2013.

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    So after several tries at the slot machine i finally received the Omnidyne M LGV, though to my dismay after attempting to drive it,
    it would constantly fish tail and drove like it was on ice and completely ruined my game-play experience.
    lol, but serious though it was kinda driving funkily :p
    I did try and send in a bug report but it was acting up so idk if it went through :p
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  2. Entropy-Rising Commander

    I can second this, compared it with the Race LGV and the Omni is definitely doing some weird in regards to friction. Also the two reactor pod things at the back, when the LGV goes idle only one of them retracts for some reason, not sure if intended but will post a pic to show what i mean later. It looks weird.
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    I think red5 knows this bug. I can recall a post about it.. Not sure where it is, perhaps in the PTS section! But red5 knows about it atleast.. So iam sure the debug wont be far away.

  4. Entropy-Rising Commander

    Here is a picture of the animation bug I was talking about
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    I can confirm there is a serious problem with this bike, it'll sway around, very very hard to drive in a straight line, it tends to go out of control and thus has a reduce speed because it is unable to reach full speed most of the time and it has an uneven butt.
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    It also has a lower top speed and has difficulty going up minor inclines. I guess its all related to the 'friction co-efficient' in the engine?
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    The idiotas! You no make lgv properlyy??// :eek:

  8. SambalBrandal Rookie

    Are you guys still having this bug? I ask since I got one today as well (got it on my third gold token :D) and whilst driving had no problems at all.
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    Yeah, it seems much better than before.

    I think it handles slightly different to the Cobra. It has a slightly higher top speed and the front feels lighter making the turns a little wider. It's a good compromise (imho) and makes it refreshing to try racing a different LGV.
  10. Segar Ensign


    Next time you get into it, listen for that nice little Ding-ding-ding a car would make after putting the key into
    the ignition =3

    also <3 My new PTS LGV
  11. Craseder WMD

    They are going to get 2014's overhead payed by people trying for this bike. Just watch.
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    Yes, I heard that 'ding-ding-fasten-seatbelt' warning before :)

    I spotted another little bug though. The headlight beams are side-by side, but the lightspots are vertical.
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    How to get it ? Use silver accord token or golden accord token?
  14. Enlightener War Smith

    Gold Omnidyne-M Tokens.
  15. xSleepwalker Fan Site MVP

    You can get it with both but the percentage is much higher with gold.
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