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    As of the time of this posting, is there any more official story stuff other than the twelve days of Firefall? I know a Manga is coming, I just didn't know if there's been any official reveal of any story, like what is the Melding (it's hinted at in the 12 days I know) or who are chosen (melded humans or from somewhere else)?

    Please point me to anything OFFICIAL only, if any more exists. Thanks.
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    I'm afraid there's no one place with all the story elements revealed, only bits and pieces here and there.
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    It was mentioned in an interview:

    Thanks to Hadati and MasterofM you get this and this.

    There is also this.
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    the main location is somewhere on Earth from what we gathered, after the CMS Arclight crashed on Earth (sometime just before it maiden voyage)

    with Alpha Prime as a possible location for an expansion.
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    Thank you greatly for all the links everyone. I remember reading a long time ago the reason we're doing PvP, as in the story reason. So we as a species comes together to fight off the Melding and the Chosen, but we still fight each other. Is that to increase our army's tech trees (then we'll be able to fight of the Chosen better)?

    Have they ever tied in respawning into a story element? Like, in Planetside respawning was explained as part of the lore (once you step through a warpgate, everything about you is stored and can be recreated). Have they said anything about that here, or is it simply a game-play element (only having one life would make for quite the boring and short lived game)?
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    i think you can explain the pvp element with nerfed weapons and augmented reality.
    practically, you wouldnt want to kill other humans who would fight on your side...(humanity as a whole)
    so the PVP element could be justified as wargames and field training. respawning is moot since you dont actually DIE.

    how's that sound? :D
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    I'd be willing to buy that except for the execution part. There's some audio that's said when you first go down (I don't want to break NDA and I'm not sure if that audio has been heard in any video or not) that would actually fit in with what you're suggesting. But then you can execute someone and what happens after that leaves little the imagination as to whether or not they've been "executed".
  9. Trieste Unbroken

    could be that the suit just stops functioning. it's heavy so it'll weigh you down, rendering you unable to get up.
    the 'execution' could just be a finishing move that makes you respawn. they could always explain it away with Virtual Reality and such :p