Recon Nighthawk vs Raptor

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    hey whats the difference between the 2 t2's
  2. Kristakis Beta Adventurer

    One of them is purple and the other is brown. :D Seriously though, have a read of the description and browse the tech tree and you get some hints about the design. The Nighthawk smells a bit like a PvP frame with SIN hacks and the Raptor has a focus on Execute shot instead. Here's the count of abilities on the tree so you can get a feel for what options each 'frame has:

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  3. Kristakis Beta Adventurer

    Ok, had a play with SIN Beacon and it's not really PvP per se. The differences are play style I guess. I'm going to unlock them both so I can try the T3s when they become available and may well post some more here.
  4. Kristakis Beta Adventurer

    Oh and SIN Scrambler is freakin awesome. It's a bullet that makes the target become an enemy to other NPCs, so you shoot a terry with it and all the rageclaws blow him up. Shoot one Chosen and the others kill him and he shoots them back so you just blow up their pod and by the time you get back to them they've all but killed each other.
  5. Shadowyc Black Cats

    Try shooting a Twister's Shard with one! :D Not sure if it still works, but the shard should be launched away from the tornado.
  6. Kristakis Beta Adventurer

    It does (last time I tried was before the last patch). It quickly returns but is funny to watch.
  7. Kristakis Beta Adventurer

    Oh, my GF put together an improved version of my list with all the other known frames and their skill counts.
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    Still having a tough time deciding my t2 choice. Definitely focused on PvP, but not really sure which skills are more geared toward it, specifically sin beacon vs execute shot. Not really sure how they each work. I assume that after crafting I'll be down to 2 ability slots, long range satchel and either execute or beacon. For my secondary, I typically use the sub machine gun, so I do like the SMG options Nighthawk gives. Not sure if I'm missing any other factors. I guess the main concern is execute shot or sin beacon. Anyone have some insight on this?
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    I haven't seen or played Nighthawk, so I can't give any advice on that, but I'd say that Execute shot is not all that useful.

    - Execute shot can be used to instantly kill a downed target, but you can do this just as quickly by shooting said target.
    - Execute shot can be used to damage people near a downed target - but given that they're probably reviving that target, you can do this just as quickly by shooting the guy reviving him.
    - Execute shot can be used to instantly execute a target that you down, but you can also just shoot said downed target when he's downed, which doesn't take much longer.

    There are some situations where it can get you an execute that you wouldn't normally be able to get - maybe the target is being revived from behind cover, maybe enemies are just running around his corpse but not reviving yet, maybe he dies and then falls behind cover, etc, but for the most part it's just a timesaver and other abilities are less situational.