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Nighthawk sniper rifle zoom issue

Discussion in 'Battleframe Bugs' started by Hyperg, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Hyperg Commander


    I've been noticing this weird behavior of the sniper rifle zoom, where it "offsets" the aiming point while scoped compared to the unscoped point, when an object edge sits between you and your aiming point (close to your position) and very close to the unscoped reticle. This situation occurs frequently when you're trying to aim at targets low below your feet, from a cave entrance, etc.

    I've made a little video with the issue occuring (watch at the beginning of the vid, how offset the scoped point gets - take those bushes as reference). Note that I am not moving my mouse while zooming.

    Is this a long known issue and I need to brush on my forum search skills? Because I've been having it for quite some time and I doubt I'm the only one to have ever experienced it.
  2. tthedoctorr Commander

    no, you're not. super annoying. i don't know if it's an intended mechanic or not, but i don't care for it either. hopefully it can be addressed in the relatively near future. it sucks that if you reload on a target, they don't move, you don't scope in because they don't move, but he round sails wide...
  3. Hyperg Commander

    Don't think it's intended, doesn't make any sense for the gun to behave like that as a game mechanic. If you're staying scoped between shots a lot, it's not that annoying, but I usually unscope between kills or couple of shots, to take a new snapshot of the surroundings, so the zoom-in and out is frequent enough for that issue to occur a lot.
  4. Hyperg Commander

    Ok, I've been looking a bit longer into this issue and it seems to occur with all the weapons that have zoom (ar-s, smg-s, etc). Now, a bit of scene rotation will occur especially if you aim at your feet, because you're changing the origin of the aiming vector from high above right shoulder to the character's head hight, while keeping the same target point. Somehow this mechanic seems to actually change the aiming direction, but only when you're aiming from you're character's view. I've set the same bug-triggering aim direction on the Raptor, switched to Orbit View mode and was hitting the Scope toggle but the character seemed to stay on the same aiming direction this time. You can notice this behavior in the first video, where I've played a bit with the Raptor's guns that I have (the Sniper rifle and the SMG). Also notice that even the SMG changes the aiming direction in a similar manner. The second video shows the drift occuring with recon's R36 rifle.

    Again, I am not moving the mouse while zooming, just pressing my scope toggle.

  5. Nemisis v 2.0 Storm Rider

    I just tried this out, did the exact same thing you did in your videos, with my accord recon (R36), raptor (charge), and the nighthawk (sniper)....I could not repeat the issue you have. When i click and scope, then click and unscope, my cross hairs do not move.
  6. Hyperg Commander

    You have to position yourself like I did in relation to a ledge or some object in the near vicinity. It doesn't happen for me either if those conditions are not met. As for consistency of the issue, I'm reproducing it pretty much all the time and it happened on 3 installs so far (you can notice that the UI in the first video is different from the other ones - that's recorded on my work machine). The third was a temp windows 8.1 install on my home pc.

    Also, it does happen for me on the current PTS build as well (just tried it). So there you go, 4 game installs where this issue is consistently appearing :)
  7. Hyperg Commander

    Any updates on this? With the NH weekend incoming and all :p