New Eden Reclamation Force [NERF]

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    Nerfing the melding to expand the known world! Seeking new recruits now!

    NERF is the coolest laid back army there is in Firefall. You'll be happy you joined us!!!

    Army Name: New Eden Reclamation Force
    Tag: [NERF]
    Location: Any
    Languages: English
    Leader: ZoeAmara
    Website Link: (ask to be add to my Steam friends, then I'll invite you to group)
    Forum (through Firefall): You're on it (
    Size: As many people who want to join (currently small ~10 ppl, and looking for like minded ppl to join)
    PVE/PVP/Casual/Hardcore: PvE focused, but if you want to do PvP on your own time we won't stop you. Casual/Hardcore mix
    Color 1/2/3: Green White Melding (Purple). I idea is that we're bringing life (green white) to the melding (purple)
    Restrictions: We'd like you to be active, so we can actively defend and expand the known world.
    Other: Join us in Nerfing the melding to expand the known world. Best way to contact is PM Zoe Amara in game or send friend request and ZoeAmara will contact you wondering why you added her, hehe. Additionally you can post a comment on this forum post if interest.
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    Yeaah! NERF dis, chosen assault! *blam*
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    We will, we will, NERF you! :p
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    Okay early founders of NERF we need to get people to join. Or at least get the 8-10 others that said they were interested to post on the forum and join our steam group.

    I've probably not done as much as I could to help this effort considering Borderlands 2 is a little distracting. But the PvE patch and Army implementation is a ways away still so it seems we have time for happy distractions.

    With that said go forth and be NERF herders!!! ...and I don't mean the low class citizens known as nerf-herders in the Starwars universe. *Goes off to listen to the band Nerf Herder*
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    Also, I think any existing member can invite you to the steam group, so if you see anyone else online (or in the community's chat room), start up a conversation and ask for an invite. :cool:
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    Haha, sorry, the last post was absolutely pointless. :red5: changed my forum name to match my in-game name (I was kommandoando previously), but now, everything matches and all is well.
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    I was a random name I picked for the forums a year ago. They just changed me to ZoeAmara a couple weeks ago. Thanks Red :red5:

    I'm going to be gone for :red5: days on a trip to a place I'm looking to work. I'm not sure if I'll be online at all during that time. After that I'll be back and in game and we can talk more about the Army.

    Please reply to this in the meantime:
    BadSpeCs from Vanquish Army ( has contacted me and wants NERF to join their Army. What are your thoughts on that? They've offered me an officer position, so I'd still be a leader. They're PvE focused, with some PvP, just like NERF. I basically told him it's all or nothing. If you guys want in we can be Vanquish, but if you want to be NERF then I'll run the show. I like the name NERF better than Vanquish. So do you want to Vanquish or NERF the melding? Either way we'll have fun. So, what say you Army?

    Besides our name this is our first decision to make as an army.
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    No objection, I like one-word army names too.
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    Nerf is a one word army name and it has half the characters of Vanquish, hehe.

    I'm off to pack and sleep now for my 5 days of adventures. See yah when I get back!
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  12. The Evil Genius Skullbane

    Heh. So you settled on NERF, eh? Okay. I'm in. This is Dwight, BTW.
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    Yeah NERF got the most votes by a long run. I'm on a vacation checking a place out that I may live and work for 5 days. I just got here. Not sure how much free time I'll have, but I'll play if I have the time to. I just beat Borderlands 2 last night, it will take a little less of my time now, so I'll have more time for Firefall.
  14. The Evil Genius Skullbane

    Well, I'm in the process of moving, so I won't actually have my PC until they ship it to me from Japan. So I'll be offline until late November/early December. All I got is my Laptop.
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    All I've got is my laptop too, and that's all I want, but it's a gaming laptop. So far it's run Firefall, Borderlands 2 and Diablo 3 wonderfully!
  16. The Evil Genius Skullbane

    Well mine ain't no fancy pants gaming laptop. It plays music and movies. That's about it. <.<
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    And surfs the internet, don't forget that important fact. hehe
  18. The Evil Genius Skullbane

    Indeed. It does this too.
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    You should've told him that IT'S NERF OR NOTHIN'!

    (skip to 0:13)

    Anyway, I don't really mind either way, as you're the one putting together NERF anyways.
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    We have about 5 more people interested in NERF now and we're all starting to talk on Skype as we play too for loads of fun.

    I feel like we're growing enough that we don't need to join another Army to have a large force. Our awesomeness is bringing people from all over to NERF the melding!
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