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New Crafting Stuff to Look Out For

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by FadedPez, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. FadedPez Community Coordinator

    Hey all, as you know we've been talking about behavioral modifiers for weapons and abilities. We're starting out with a small bit - the 5 Accord weapons and two Accord abilities of each archetype. Check em out! :)

    Added new creature drops to be used as optional components for certain weapons and abilities. The quality of the drops depend on the stage of the creature that dropped them.

    Plasma Cannon
    Dragonborn Plasma Cannon
    -Replaces Scattershot Alt Fire with "Dragon's Breath", shooting a burst of fire forward in a cone
    -Requires optional component Fire Gland which is dropped by Explosive Aranhas + Ash Dragons
    -Fire Gland quality modifies Dragon's Breath range.

    Shielded Crater
    -Adds Blast Shield to Crater. Blast Shield spawns centered on the impact site of Crater.
    -Requires optional component Drone Module which is dropped by Chosen Drones.
    -Drone Module quality modifies Blast Shield health.

    Soaring Afterburner
    -Adds Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear to Afterburner. Glider wings sprout from the Assault at the end of Afterburner.
    -Requires optional component Wings which is dropped by Culex and Wasps.
    -Wings quality modifies Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear duration.

    Bio Needler
    Noxious Needler
    -Replaces alt fire with Plague Blaster, which increases the amount of damage enemies take when hit by the alt fire. This effect also spreads to nearby targets.
    -Requires optional component Poison Gland which is dropped by Toxic Aranhas + Toxic Varant
    -Poison Gland quality modifies the % of increased damage taken.

    Poison Trail
    Toxic Poison Trail
    -Adds Blinding Fumes to Poison Trail, decreasing enemies' accuracy while in Poison Trail.
    -Requires optional component Ink Sac which is dropped by Nautilus.
    -Ink Sac quality modifies the enemy accuracy reduction.

    Ghostly Triage
    -Adds a Phase Unit to Triage, which allows the player to be able to pass through enemies/allies causing damage to enemies and healing allies
    -Requires optional component Space Manipulator which is dropped by Chosen
    -Space Manipulator quality modifies duration.

    Barrier HMG
    -Adds an Upgraded Forward Shield to the HMG alt fire, creating an improved shield. Full body shield
    -Requires optional component Brontodon Ivory which is dropped by Brontodons.
    -Brontodon Ivory quality modifies shield health.

    Heavy Armor
    Spiny Heavy Armor
    -Adds a Damage Reflector which harms enemies that hit the Dreadnaught while Heavy Armor is active.
    -Requires optional component Shell Fragment, which is dropped by Rageclaws & Terrorclaws as well as the mighty Bane Claw (best quality)
    -Shell Fragment quality modifies the percentage of damage returned.

    Repulsor Blast
    Attracting Repulsor Blast
    -Adds a Magnetic Repulsor to Repulsor Blast, drawing enemies in to the Dreadnaught before Repulsor Blast is fired.
    -Requires optional Component Space Manipulator, which is dropped by Chosen
    -Space Manipulator quality modifies pull-in range.

    Sticky Grenade Launcher
    Burrowing Sticky Grenade Launcher
    -Adds Burrowing Explosives to Sticky Grenade Launcher which applies a Damage over Time effect to the area that they were detonated on.
    -Requires optional component Brinewyrm Goo, which is dropped by Brinewyrms.
    -Brinewyrm Goo quality modifies the damage of the Damage over Time.

    Supply Station
    HKM Supply Station
    -Adds High Capacity Arcfold Tech to the Supply Station, replacing health pickups with HKM powerups.
    -Requires optional Component Hypercapacitor, which is dropped by Chosen
    -Hypercapacitor quality modifies amount of HKM charge given.

    Heavy Turret
    Rocket Turret
    -Adds Rocket Turrets to Heavy Turret, changing the projectiles fired to rockets. Rockets fire ontop of the normal firing projectile
    -Requires optional component Explosive Device, which is dropped by Tanken
    -Explosive Device quality modifies rocket damage.

    Sharpeyed R36
    -Adds tech to increase the magnification when zooming with the R36.
    -Requires optional component Cornea, which is dropped by Wolves/dogs (ice dogs in Antarctica/wargrims)
    -Cornea quality modifies magnification.

    Advanced Decoy
    -Adds AI behavior to Decoy which allows Decoy to move and shoot before it explodes.
    -Requires optional component Drone Module, which is dropped by Chosen Drones.
    -Drone Module quality modifies AI duration.

    Cryo Grenade
    Burning Cryo Grenade
    -Adds a Frost Burner to Cryo Grenade, which increases Cryo Grenade damage. Applies a DoT that burns the target ontop of slowing them
    -Requires optional component Fire Gland, which is dropped by Explosive Aranhas + Ash Dragons
    -Fire Gland quality modifies damage.
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  2. Brezals Beta Commando


    Would it make sense NOT to have an optional component? Or is having a optional component straight up better?
    Please say no, please say no, please say no.
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  3. bobsmith99 Laser Lancer

    sounds cool, can't wait to see what you will do with the other abilities, especially one of my favorites, gravity field grenade.

    my best guess is that the optional components will add quite a bit to the constraints
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  4. Raaya Black Cats

    Like so much. :eek:
  5. Nokzen Commander

    Repulsor Blast
    Attracting Repulsor Blast
    -Adds a Magnetic Repulsor to Repulsor Blast, drawing enemies in to the Dreadnaught before Repulsor Blast is fired.
    -Requires optional Component Space Manipulator, which is dropped by Chosen
    -Space Manipulator quality modifies pull-in range.

    yummy anyone? :p
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  6. #7

    well, for Afterburner i'd imagine it would be quite a drawback, if you're trying to scale a cliff and you deploy a glider, stall then plummet all the way down again :p
  7. Brezals Beta Commando

    yeah, probably CPU etc. that makes sense.
  8. Nokzen Commander

    i have thought about this too. if it works excatly as a glider does it can get quite awkward.
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  9. #10
    can you have both an unmodified and a modified equipped to the same frame?
  10. Brezals Beta Commando

    probably not.
  11. 12v Storm Rider

    Quality of drops?

    This going to affect inventory if there's 1000 quality types of each type of dropped component?

    edit: This got addressed already, and won't be the case. Just figured I'd add this since I'm still getting likes for it (but thanks for the likes! hehe)
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  12. #13
    but they are named differently.
  13. McFini Skullbane

    *gasp* You tease!!! :p

    Darn, now I'm tempted to switch back to decoy over smokescreen!
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  14. Brezals Beta Commando

    same ability just modified.
  15. #16
    i think it will be quality like the current optional components. ie green, blue, purple, orange.
  16. RoidMonkey Interloper

    Willing to bet money your old glands/wings can't be used.

    Could we please make the old ones sellable/deletable at the very least? With current cooldowns I'd have to spend well over a day of JUST throwing glands to get rid of them.
  17. #18
    Hey R5 here's a thought. Instead of using up all the dev time of the UI/crafting guys with adding new features, why don't you focus on fixing the crafting recipes/UI which make crafting a huge pain in the ass and in some cases not possible at all. You know what I am talking about. We have been waiting for the promised UI that will allow us to see the finished outcome before crafting a single component. We have been waiting for a better part of a year. There is a HUGE amount of recipes that are broken right now and adding additional stuff is only bound to bring more problems. Consider this feedback on the crafting UI and recipes.
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  18. Heavyfoot Apex Predator

    Two things:

    Can we please PLEASE get 3 cores for CPU 10? It doesn't make sense that it's the same as all the other ranks (plus this makes it an even 20 cores)

    Can we reduce the constraint cost of Abilities globally? I'm already 18/18 with subroutine cores on my 30/30 frames... I feel like I won't be able to use any of these optional abilities without a huge drop on passives.
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  19. #20
    Yeah, that's going to leave afterburner/glider pretty much useless then. As you say, cliff climbing just got weird, otherwise.
    And both types of supply station seem like they could be useful.

    I'm sure there will be other examples.

    In general though, this looks like a great move in the right direction. Last whine on this subject, but are we going to get the ability to preview stuff before building sub-components?