My Little Pony: FiM - You know this was gonna happen

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chali, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. eeyup

    /back to the final season of doctor who for the lulz
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  2. *leaves to watch newest mlp*
  3. [IMG]

    so what did i miss lol
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  4. so hard to read LOLOLOL
  5. Great! My eyes are all derp now!
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  6. with this .gif we can all be a little bit closer to our beloved Derpy
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  7. Jaredskye001 Beta Vanguard

    "Thought what I'd do was, I'd party like I was one of these ponies"

    Thanks for the headache, mappy. Now I need a breather.
  8. whats with all you complaining, took me like 5 seconds to get it
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  9. HAHAHAHAHA! now for more music
  10. I am to please:D
  11. i'm not complainin lol, i thought it was funny
  12. owo *shrug* was more directed at the headache complaint but meh, splash dmg I suppose
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  13. hi Akatsutsumi *hug* how we doing today
  14. Jaredskye001 Beta Vanguard

    Just to recap, I'm no longer a "troll" on this thread (or at least attempting to be one). I'm now considered a frenemy of the bronies.
  15. [IMG]

    a pony can only dream
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  16. Sure why not!?
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  17. Jaredskye001 Beta Vanguard

    Just be sure to remember...I am not a Brony, and I'm not just saying that to "cover up that I want to be one" because I seriously don't wanna be one. I'm just here for the company, that's all.
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