My FireFall Ride...

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by microTerminator, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I made my own car for the game. :p


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  2. DKHippy Founder

    Nice work! Don't really fit the FireFall theme though xD
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    that's the point haha. It is cel-shaded though... :p
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    That would be a cool item...
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    im drivin araund in my badass red car... Awesome
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    i'm gonna tame an arachna and ride it around lol
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    I'll race you :)
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    Awesome pic.

    I'm gonna own several cars. After I loot a abandoned car show. Or I'll genetically engineer a creature just like they did to the brontodon. So i'll have a cheetah cross shark....
    You so need to make a picture of a shark cheetah in firefall.
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    Can it shoot lasers?
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    of course it can.
    What use is a cheetah shark without lasers :p
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    any time once i get a beta key, or the game releases.
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    Nothing better than riding the Terror Claw :p