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  1. dont they just?
  2. blasted spherical planets. lets do away with the lot of 'em.
  3. what and trade in the natural law of physics Hell lets throw in thermodynamics or even biology! YEAH! I now know what the...wiat no that might offend never mind. Let this video do the talking.

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  4. hey you know I love n bodies as much as the next physicist, but think about this: discworlds that revolve facing the sun. that way there are no time zones. and it's totally legit: the japanese AND terry pratchett know what's up. bra.

    (I did meet some fellas on my trip who lectured me on the love of Jesus and called each other "bra" every time they said something. Cheers for the vid.)
  5. definitely not a problem...I was just trying to get my point across without breaking the CoC.
  6. And what about a dyson sphere?
  7. hush you!
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  8. Oh. Right. Guess...................... I completely forgot about that. again, stuff falls out of me head. Hey, apologies.
  9. Quit apologizing for fogetting XD though comical it happens hell if I could recall anything that happened to me today would I really be here?

    the answer is still yes but you may not get what Im saying.
  10. Jirue Mentor

    Hey mates, sorry I been gone. Gunna catch up on stuff and then start posting in Merc Work again. :cool:
  11. just made my day
  12. been wondering... how are we going to continue the RP? waiting for me or someone else... that kind of stuff >_>
  13. Jirue Mentor

    Yeah, I been waiting on someone to do something. Mostly been waiting for Habiki or Leo to say something back. :p
  14. now been a month since the last post.... >_>
  15. Jirue Mentor

    Indeed... And there's not much I can do since I'm the one who posted last. >_>
  16. let me see what I can do...
  17. Well, Lancer is still waiting for the shrapnel to come out of his chest. And probably go right back in, seeing his comments.
  18. dude, look more closesly at one of my previous post, or maybe even the last post...