Merc. Work (OOC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by =9G=--PHOENIX--, Jun 11, 2011.

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    For those who can just say that you have met Habiki or Jake and went to the briefing room/left dredge or what ever so we can get this RP moving again
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    hm... we have come to a standstill :/
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    that we have....
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    Get posting or i'll divide by zero
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    Looks like the time zones have really messed things up, you're just getting up as Hotshot and I are calling it a night. It's almost 11 where I am.
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    been up all night, here its 4.30 in the morning
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    Yeah, ouch. may have to do this on weekends then.
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    just post when you can, Merc.Work was a slow paced RP in the firstplace. Dont need the same post speed as Phoenix outpost.

    But when it's been almost a month since last post it becomes alittle to slow >_>
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    A but it's not even a whole month yet...

    by the way, I put up a post regarding irc.
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    been so long since we posted in our thread that we got unstickied :/
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    greetings! I'm new to online rp but I have a couple years of D&D (3, 3.5, and 4) and GURPS under my belt. bear with me if my transition is a little clunky. looking to rp around my hectic study schedule this semester. i'm playing a neutral good support character (engineer) because of it. what do you say, merc. work?
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    Merc is pretty dead. If I were you I'd check out Phoenix Outpost.
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    bummer. thanks for the heads up!
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    Hi, as Lark said Merc is dead at the moment unless i godmode and take controll of each of the characters myself....

    Dunno what actually happened with it becoming dead in the first place, maybe people got tired of it?
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    hakuna matata, phoenix. I'm over at PO right now. as far as its sad, bitter, slow death............................................
    --it happens!
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    I think mostly its time zone issues.
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    Yeah, whenever i could go on there was barely ever anyone on.
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    well it was a slow RP to begin with, think people wanted it to become fast paced like PO.
    Was slow paced for 2 reasones.

    1* mostly posts of wall of text
    2* timezone differance
  19. Yeah, timezones suck :p