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    As the title say. This is the OOC thread for the Merc. Work roleplay thread. Questions and feedback and discutions can be posted here or you just want to chat.

    But please... dont spam to much i.e hotlinks and images or trolling , or the tread will fill up with pointless stuff >_>
  2. Jirue Mentor

    Really hoping some people can join us, actually... With how our current people seem to be missing or busy more people could help push the story along, especially given the battle environment it's really easy for people to jump in now.
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    i agree, besides it's almost been a month since our last update -_-'
  4. Jirue Mentor

    Ugh, a month is too long... Suppose I could make something up but it just seems like it'd be a little awkward and wouldn't progress very much since it's just us two really at the moment... :cool:
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    yeah, we need more people :/
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    You can reconnect it back to Dredge/PO since it's smack in the middle of Dredge right? So why not do that?
  7. Jirue Mentor

    Cause the current situation for us is that we're currently in Dredge as it's being attacked by Chosen. And they're severely wrecking the heck out of the place, almost to the point we'll need to abandon the place and retake it later. Kinda has it's own separate universe going on right now.

    So unless others currently in that thread want to transfer those events over beforehand with their own series of similar events we can't exactly jump back over there without causing all kinds of a confusing mess.
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    Ah. Kinda confusing for me since all I pretty much know about Merc Work is that it started in the Dredge thread a few months back.
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    We are recruiting new people for our RP due to some events causing our other members exept Jirue and me not be able to post to move the RP forward

    Please Notify in this thread if you are interested and DO NOT just pop in randomly in to our main thread... that's just annoying -_-'
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    Do we use Dredge/Phoenix characters or make new ones?
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    since we havent met in the dredge befor characerwise it doessnt realy matter what character you use. It's up to you of you want to use your Dredge/Phoenix OP char or make a new one
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    Herrmmm!!! I am really thinking about joining this thread as well....and I would say yes but I am conflicted because I already have so many chars just dancing about the RP section...And I dont know if adding yet another one will be such a good idea...I think the last time I checked I had
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    may move Roy over here. Been bust lately IRL, so it may be a little while.
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    What's FOWW?
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    just join, we need to move forward our RP. both me and Jirue are itching for it now XD
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    hmm, wondering about how to get daniel in there. He is diffrent from most, so he would need a lot of explanation :)
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    Fallout: Western Wasteland for ya siant!
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    Ah. Ok. If I can find a way to fit my character into Merc Work I'll do so.
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    You should get the gist of it within the 2 last pages. The rest you can be updated when you meet either Me or Jirues char in the RP if you are willing to stick it out till the end of the RP

    Edit: Since we havent herd from the other guys in quite a while we might persume them dead in the RP until they decide to update theire status regarding the RP
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    Just one question. Can we take some of the Phoenix stuff over to Merc. (like Daniel being a mutated) or do we go with original char? (like Daniel before Felix crippled him, and Kore experimented on him)