Long Range Plasma Cannon Bug [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'UI Bugs' started by ReyXSON, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. ReyXSON Founder

    After I died thumping, I respawned with an "invisible" plasma cannon, and toggling first/thirdperson mode only gave me an invisible character. It turned out to be my corpse (located at the waypoint),not following me when I respawned, and was still lying there, miles away. All this turned my corpse into a long range plasma cannon. Oh my!

    It seems like the projectile speed is determined by how soon the projectile would hit from the view of the actual character, an not the corpse. So, the farther away the actual plasma bolt would hit, the slower it would travel. As I wasn't even sure what category this would fall into, I put it here in the Beta General. Loved playing around with his bug :3

    [EDIT] And the post got redirected to its righful home, the UI section, yay C:
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    Good choice of music.
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  3. wFx Founder

    I had this bug the other day too, reloading the UI didn't fix it and it only went away after I completely closed down Firefall, changing the Battleframe also didn't fix it.
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    LOLLOLOLOL Sniper cannon
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    Happened to me a few times too. I notice it gets fixed when I use the scanhammer...
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    Hammer the ground
  7. ReyXSON Founder

    I'll whip out my hammer next time it happens then, thx!