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[Legendary Avatars]

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Legend57, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. ZeroGrav Beta Vanguard

    I love the avatar, it incorporates all of the stuff I wanted :D
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  2. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Warmup is going nicely and so is my catching-up:

    For Crisphe:

    PS: this is avatar no. 140 - yay for persistence :D
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  3. GH05TSpectre Beta Vanguard

    That's awesome. Love the colors :)
  4. Varixai Barricade

    Got some new material for you Legend! From the current PTS build:
    I also threw in a few panels that may or may not be new, but I thought they looked great and ripe for backgrounds.

    Edit: Here's a snippet for others to see, who don't need the .dds files. :D
    00246275.png _ 00246274.png
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  5. Legend57 Lieutenant

    They all look amazing - though the female recon looks exactly like the version I had built myself :D Huge thanks ;)
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  6. Legend57 Lieutenant

    I'll try firing up the stream in about 5 minutes - cya there!
  7. Dropdown Commander

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  8. Aquilares Commander

    Damn, missed the stream.
  9. GH05TSpectre Beta Vanguard

    Oh nice! New Eden ODST :D Avatar looks awesome Aquilares.
  10. Aquilares Commander

    Yeah it does :D Legend really did a great job with it. Looking forward to seeing his future avatars!
  11. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Well, it's still recorded in the past broadcasts - you can always check it out there
  12. Aquilares Commander

    Will do and thanks again for the avatar, it's awesome :D
  13. Blackfyre Arc Runner

    Legend, you should update your archive that you had in the off-topic...
  14. Legend57 Lieutenant

    I didn't want to post these before I got the replies for 'em:

    For Aquilares:

    For SGTstone:___________EDIT - no teeth version:
    [IMG] [IMG]

    And I also updated the Legendary Avatars Library
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  15. GH05TSpectre Beta Vanguard

    Damn! They are freaking awesome! Amazing work! :)
  16. Blackfyre Arc Runner

    Wow, Stone's looks amazing.
  17. SGTstone Arbiter

    its dark
    you see a fully armoured assault frame with 3 glowing eyes and teeth glaring at you

    ...your move
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  18. Blackfyre Arc Runner

    I run for my life and hope you're not equipped with movement modules :p
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  19. Asolar Founder

    Looks like a chosen in a acord frame )
  20. I put on my robe and wizard hat