Landing (graphical adventure of sorts)

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    <Initiating SECOND CHANCE vitals check...>
    <WARNING: heartbeat = 0>
    <Scanning skeletal structure>
    <WARNING: Fractures = 38>
    <Administering artificial bone material>
    <Checking miscellaneous body areas...>
    <WARNING: Damage in areas 3, 7, 18, 26, 54>
    <Checking probability of successful revival...>
    <RevProb = 5%>
    <Administering artificial repair tissue...>
    <Timer set to 53 hrs>

    <Initiating defibrillator...>

    He is an astronaut, as the old term is for it. Most people call him a Final Pioneer.
    That's pretty much all he can remember...that and stuff that has been cemented into his mind, of course, like language, motor skills, and such. Dang amnesia always gets the protagonists.
    Well, what're you going to name him?

    (Also, sorry if this is in the wrong board. If it is, please just move it if you have that kind of power. If not, just tell me where it should go, and I'll copy this over to there and delete this. Wait, I can't delete it...ah well.)
    (Also, I probably won't be able to update this as often as you'd want me to.)
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    i guess it should be in artwork section? Looks cute :)
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    I believe that his real name shoud be Jackson, as is seen on his nametag but upon waking he names himself after the first thing he sees, Sky.
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    His name is now Sky. Kinda odd, considering it's normally a girl's name, but that doesn't really matter right now.
    He sits up. Ok, so he's not completely dead. That's nice.
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    That looks like a hill to his right. The smart thing would be to climb the hill but the newly christened 'Sky' is doo lazy to do that so a leftward journey it is.
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    Keep posting them looking good so far.
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    I do believe Sky needs to travel right even if he may be lazy he understands that whatever is pointing out of the ground is telling him to do he would choose to go right.
  8. Trieste Unbroken

    I think his instincts will push him uphill, to get a better picture of his surroundings as he plans his next move.
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    Dang, I can't really update; the computer I updated this with (and used for pretty much everything else) was actually my brother's computer, which he sold to get a better one. Thing is, even with the shipping details, the funds are taking quite a bit of time to transfer into his account, and then there's the shipping times.
    Geez, early death.
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    Sky attempts the trek up hill but falls to his knees shortly after gasping for air and water.
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    = (
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    public comuters and a flash drive =D
  13. Trieste Unbroken

    or update from a smartphone (if possible) :D
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    Well, I have another computer at the place I work, but unfortunately I didn't save the files I was using in dropbox, so they're pretty much gone. Oh well, there wasn't much anyway, and I can easily remake the sprites. On the positive side, the new computer is shipping, and it's already in california (the state I'm in), I think northern Hollywood. So hopefully I'll be able to make graphical updates soon. Until then, I guess text updates will work for now.

    Sky slowly climbs up the hill to the right. Static emanates from a nearby piece of scrap metal...wait, that's not metal. Huh, looks like a comm unit is intact. Unfortunately, the channel it's on is playing the lovely Static Medley. Sky picks it up. The frequency is 59.7.
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    interested in the sound Sky pushes buttons and turns nobs until he hears something not static
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    (Ughughugh, this looks terrible. This new computer's trackpad performs completely different than the old one. And I lost the old sprites, too, so I'm gonna have to remake them. Sigh...just expect the art to look a lot worse for a long while.)
    Sky fiddles around with the knobs (haha, knobs in this day of tech?) until he hears something that sounds at least a bit familiar. After finding what sounds like morse code on 58.6 and some annoying muzak on 79.4 ("Summer Dawn Jazz", Really, who thinks up this stuff), he finally hears something at least a BIT human. It's still full of static, but he tries to decipher it.
    "T--s i- --se 2, r---hing sc--- 3. Do y-- co--? *bloop* ----t 3, I c--y. --d stop u---g co-en---s, ser--usl-, ther-- l--e 9 o- us. Yo--- n-t ma---g you--elf so--d a-y sm---er. *bloop* B--e, er-, Jos---. Ha-- y-- foun- a-- use--- scr--s at --e cr--h sit-? *bloop* Gr-g. No- --ch, m--be a ti--, po--i--y -noth-- com- u--t. H---ay, n-w th---'ll be mo-- t--n --st the tw- -- -s."
  17. Trieste Unbroken

    Pressing one of the buttons, he tries to talk but doesn't know any words to say (due to amnesia?). Instead, all he does is mumble incoherently.

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    he may not be able to speak but if the suit is any indication he should at least be able to muster some sort of connection.

    Taking of the back paneling he searches around the circuit boards for any kind of damage and begins to repair it with his intimate knowlage in electronics and technology.
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    He decides to dance to something that sounds alot like dubstep.
  20. Trieste Unbroken