Join the Hellhounds! Save the world!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mourningstar, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. DoA-Killjoy Commander

    I got a random email to join hellhounds and went to the webpage to check it out and it was closed so I just thought I missed my chance at beta lol
    I am already part of a guild also so I wasnt sure if this was to join another (I guess they are called army) for this game or whatever ;)
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  2. the hq is still down!? what are those people doing over there?
  3. paitence Bash3r, it'll be up soon :)
  4. Now I'm very curious, I accidentally saw the answer for the first puzzle.
    Luckily I didn't read how to get it so I can solve it myself.

    Hopefully it'll be up again soon so I can try .
    Events like these are always a good way of telling that they care about the community :p
  5. Damnit, it's going to come back up Friday night, right before my good friends from out of town arrive... I just know it. :-|
  6. You mean a beta code?That's for Firefall,not Hellhounds,wrong post,mate.
  7. Steel Fire Commander

    Trust me on this, you won't figure it out yourself. They are making these puzzles around the premise that they are on the internet and will be crowd-sourced by an international community. Hellhounds went active at what, 10am pst that day and it was just before midnight that we figured out the answer. It took upwards of 6-7hrs before the community actually got headed down the right road and another few before we even knew it was probably the right road. :p. Man was that fun!
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  8. pro tip don't quote post stuff on the first few pages. The access code is for something hellhounds.
  9. it should be up later today, hope it doesn't stall

  10. How do you know it should be up later today?
  11. i heard it somewhere earlier in this thread.
  12. Link?
  13. Steel Fire Commander

    There's been no time frame announced for the site to open back up. Someone was musing that their luck would be such that it would come back up this afternoon when they had weekend plans.
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  14. Yeah, that's just always the case with the interesting ARGs for me... Sorry! I didn't mean to imply I had any solid information, just conjecture based on my luck! ;-)
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  15. Steel Fire Commander

    Trust me, I understand this cobcept completely; my luck is much the same.
  16. Phobos Producer

    Greetings Firefall Community and ARG fans,

    After much careful consideration, we have decided to close down the recently launched Firefall alternate reality game. The ARG’s puzzle-driven storyline revolving around the Hellhounds and a search for Pilgrim was worked on in tandem with the Pilgrim storyline told through our newly released manga, Firefall Affinity. Our excitement about the ARG and its involved system of puzzles prevented us from predicting how the stories could overlap and potentially cause confusion if told simultaneously. We feel it is important that we give the manga the chance to set the tone for Pilgrim’s journey before we continue developing other related stories and characters.

    For the time being, please enjoy the manga at and we will continue to work on more ways to expand on the story of Firefall. Thank you.
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  17. Ah..... good call.
  18. Good call, don't want people getting more confused.

    ~ Roughnecks ~
  19. Awww, /sadface. But it really does make sense, and we understand. Don't want to muddy the waters too much while still trying to flesh out the story and the universe. Can we get a similar statement on the HellhoundsHQ maintenance page? I'm just hoping it would cut down on the number of facepalm-worthy threads cropping up.