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It costs redbeans for first perk respec?

Discussion in 'Public Test Feedback & Bugs' started by Daed, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Daed AMD Operator

    is this a bug or intended?
  2. bobsmith99 Laser Lancer

    I believe in another thread phobos said that it should say x crystite OR x redbeans.

    so it is a bug. im not sure where the post was but i do remember seeing this
  3. TheIconicHat Rookie

  4. Drake84pl Founder

    Sorry to disappoint you guys but Phobos quote is about Profession Respec and OP asks about Perk Respec.
    Next Time read and look before You post :p

    From what i know, on PTS you get 4 respec points for free and if you want to use more right away then you have to pay RB:
    1 RB = 1 Respec Point
    5 RB = 10 Respec Points
    or you can wait cuz Perk Respec Points resupply themselves in some amount of time.
  5. TheIconicHat Rookie


    Oh! My bad! my apologies. I did read, but over looked the specific respec. Forgot about the perk respec. My apologies.

    But... Oh wait.. I'm Human. @.@ and trying to help someone out, which is kinda more than people jumping the gun to put someone down. :eek:

    Again, sorry Op, my bad. But I hope what was said helps with any issues of specialization respec you may have in the future.
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  6. Daed AMD Operator

    Still not seeing a way to respec perks without red beans. .
  7. #7
    It says in the in-game text Crystite AND Beans.

    The times I did it ONLY Crystite was taken from my balances (I had enough beans and enough Crystite both). It only took the Crystite.

    If it is OR it should say OR... and we should be able to choose. LIke for getting a new battleframe unlock. That is pretty clear.

    This is for profession respec - not perks.
  8. Arzak Interloper

    I respec'd my one perk, expecting to pay. It was free.
  9. Legend X Carisso Commander

    All I do know, is that if they seriously expect us to PAY RL money to respec, then they've got too many screws loose, and are beginning to become yet another pay-to-win cash grab company. This will be just the start. Buying battleframes with RB outright is one thing; you're given a choice of weather to grind for it, OR pay directly. And no, just because you get 1 lousy Red Bean a day from dailies, still does not justify this.

    Next thing you know, they'll be making RB-purchasable inventory slots, and then from there they'll let you pay RBs to restore your gears' repair pool. -sigh- Hyperbole? Maybe. But it seriously is starting to look like this "hyperbole" isn't so much hyperbole than it is the truth. Wouldn't be bad at all if they did make it an OR choice. 5k - 10k to respec? Not a problem for me. But don't try to rob me of my resources, AND money. I don't put down money in a game "because I have no choice, or I'm stuck". I do it "because I enjoy this game, and wish to see it live on".
  10. scafa Apex Predator

    In the draft patch notes FadedPez posted:
    Though I wonder if those free perk respecs are retroactive or we're losing out for every frame we've progressed.
  11. Virgil Imperial Artificer

    You get a free perk respec each time you earn a new perk through progression. You can also buy additional perk respecs for redbeans - as of right now I believe we're going with 1 rb for 10 respecs, but that is something that's still under discussion. You can get a free redbean every day by doing your daily missions.

    They are retroactive
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  12. scafa Apex Predator

    Thank you, that's certainly a worry less.
  13. OrionStyles War Smith

    Fail, it should not cost anything to respec.

    If anything there should be a user interface to easily select between your custom loadouts at the garage.

    eg: I named this loadout "Commando"
    It's a Nighthawk with the following gear and perks
    This on is "Sniper"
    It's the same Nighthawk with this other gear and perks

    You guys are so ridiculous at obvious game design sometimes.
  14. Jotaro Apothecary

    Last time I checked on the PTS (as in, just now), respec was purchasable for 1 bean = 1 respec or 5 beans = 10 respecs. Although those values might change, you basically get free respecs by doing your daily missions.

    @Orion: a limit to perk configurations makes sense, just check how wow handled dual specs when they still had talent trees or league with the mastery pages. If you offer unlimited possibilities, you no longer have to commit to a certain choice, reducing some of the depth of the game, since everybody would just save every possible configuration and never touch them again.
    Altough, I do see the appeal of a 2-3 slot choice option for different activities and roles. Those would naturally come with higher respec costs though.
  15. OrionStyles War Smith

    As soon as you compare WoW to Firefall you have automatically lost your argument.
  16. Jotaro Apothecary

    Ah, the lovely generalization of arguments by random preconceptions.

    You were talking about game design, but you are unwilling to single out the point of discussion as soon as a game you dislike is brought up, instead of proving me wrong.
    On the topic of wow, I was referring to the fact that you could not just pick all possible specs, or roles, at one time. There was a reason Tri-spec was never introduced. This reason is valid, and unrelated to any other part of the game.
  17. OrionStyles War Smith

    No you misunderstand, you would be allowed to bring up any other game for comparison except WoW. In this case, as in other MMO/RPGs, respec is originally a patch over an older flawed game design that should have been avoided in new game systems, and instead became another, terribly stupid, sink to keep people in the game.(either new people who didn't make optimal choices, or older players who are bored and want to try something new)

    All perks should be available to change at will, free of charge. Respec in this case is a subset of frame performance customization and should not be limited. By comparison respec of "profession" in Firefall is a limiter of self-reliance in the game's ecosystem and is acceptable design. There is a vast difference between the two.
  18. Ƥlay Ɲ Ķill Field Marshal


    Shouldn't those who have already progressed BFs be grantfathered those free perk respecs? like if some has a Stage 3 Assault, shouldn't be get 2 free perk respecs? :p
  19. #19
    He already said it is retroactive. Meaning, we will get all those respecs if we are 10/10/10 on a frame, for example.

    I would rather see us get respec points a few times a month than this idea. Especially to begin with. You better be providing free respecs every time any perk is changed if you are going to be charging money for it now.

    We need to ease into this, I would honestly say give free respecs for 1-2 weeks at least until some of the major bugs and imbalances get worked out. It will also give you more feedback and testing from the live servers.
  20. Ƥlay Ɲ Ķill Field Marshal


    It would be better to give a trial period for 3~7days with unlimited free respecs till people will get familiar with them. But Red:red5: has other plans.
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