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    In order to contribute toward building the Firefall community, we want to officially introduce Friday Night Firefall!

    Tonight, after the Firefall Fest live stream has concluded (6PM PST / 9PM EST), join 8-Bit Tavern on our Twitch channel to watch Antilles stream with Cuculainn.

    Our goal is to bring together everyone who enjoys something about playing Firefall and raise awareness about a time and place to organize, learn, compete, and just have fun.

    Right now, the things we plan on doing, as well as the activities we want to see grow include all of the following:

    · Educating new or potential players on game content and mechanics. We do lots of Q&A and will demonstrate game content and mechanics to you live!

    · Involving viewers in PvE content. Jump in and group with Antilles and Cuculainn or any other community members!

    · Raising awareness and promoting the PvP eSports scrimmaging community. As Red 5 Studios fleshes out the PvP content, we want to help connect interested players with teams looking to sharpen their eSports skills for competitve play. These activities will be the foundation of the future eSport community.

    · Practice shoutcast events. Want to shoutcast but need a chance to try it out? Want to warm-up before casting your next tournament? We want to help.

    · Experiment with new PvP game ideas (looking at you NERC) and incorporate weekly events into Friday Night Firefall that put a spin upon standard PvP and PvE gameplay.

    In the short-term, our FNFF's will be looser, more casual, and centered around educating potential players and involving viewers in both PvP and PvE. Once we get to see everything that Red 5 has in store for us, the more we will start introducing specific events aimed at PvP or PvE gameplay.

    So come join us on our Twitch channel on Friday night or look for Antilles and Cuculainn in-game and group up!

    UPDATE: Week #3

    See you in New Eden,
    Cuculainn & Antilles
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    Sounds like a great idea. I myself am new and have a ton of questions about the game. I understand it's still in beta and maybe I'm not doing something right, but I've had very few missions come my way and I mostly thump or help people thump, which is fun, but I know there is more to the game, I just don't know what it is. I've also tried pvp, but I am no good at it, maybe the engineer frame is the wrong choice.

    Looking forward to getting in game after work to see what is going on.
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    These guys are awesome btw. Even if you're not a newbie or don't like livestreams tune in to give them that exposure.
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    wow, sounds awesome, I work late nights, but ill be sure to watch the VOD. <3
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    It's all about finding the frame right for you! Engi frame might be good for you when you do PVE, but when it comes to PVP maybe you like to sit back and snipe! Therefore the Recon class might be right for you! It's all about playing around with the system.

    If you have anymore questions we will be happy to answer then tonight!

    Thanks! We are glad you like it! We definitely appreciate the support :)

    If you have beta feel free to add us in game too!
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    These guys are really a lot of fun to play with and watch stream when you can't get your gaming fix. I intend to jump in with them too but I'll probably be focusing on the PvP stuff as that's my eSports.
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    If we're busy doing PvE, we will definitely make them aware of your PvP shenangigans and you can do with them what you will ;)
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    Yeah cool i am going to join in cheers 8 Bit
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    This is awesome, and I'd give it a shot but after all the streaming I think most people might want to take a break.
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    Super awesome turn out tonight! Going to work on a highlight video now. Thanks to all that came out!
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    This has my endorsement (not that it means much).
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    Would anyone like some tea?
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    Awesome stuff! :D
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    3 AM - 6 AM EU time? Nope, dont think so. :)
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  16. Nero Commander

    Good stuff guys, I haven't been on nearly as much as I'd like since I'm taking care of a lot of IRL things.
  17. Mewmix Field Marshal

    Do you need higher level players to help you guys out? I volunteer myself, I can yank a few people in as well if you need them.
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    Higher level players will be extremely helpful when we reach a point where Antilles and myself can't accommodate everyone who want's to participate in-game. If you jump in vent/skype/mumble with us, it will be easy to group up with stream viewers or any other players who want to partake in the shenanigans. If we're doing PvE, but there are enough players wanting to scrimmage/PvP, by all means we welcome players to take some initiative in making Friday Night Firefall something for everyone.

    One of the biggest complaints we are seeing is that there isn't enough regular scrimming going on at the moment, so we hope to change that by bringing in the PvP crowd and give them a time to find other players/teams either wanting to scrim, or wanting to form a team!
  19. HelixEffect Founder

    Loving this idea man, its definitely something myself and Synstick would love to get involved with having some vet players in our ranks. Are you intend to take some of your video-dealings to the youtube audience? I'm excited for this and hope it brings out a crowd, shame I couldn't make it to your first meeting though, a thing called 'work' got in the way.
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    <---*Glad he doesn't go by "Antilles" online very often anymore*

    So this will be weekly? I missed the stream Friday.