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  1. i usually use joker2988 but if is taken i take jokery or anubis so there will be no confusion about this :p
  2. Anubis! Die!


    *huff huff... ahh.. that should do it..*

    (Traumatized from an MMORPG.. where he needed to level solo sometimes in a dungeon full of freaking Anubise.. damm monsters!..they one hitted me.. and i one hitted them.. was a hate-hate relationship~.. don't use that "unspeakable name" here q,q!)
  3. Wanted to add something.

    We have currently 17 members in Beta! (funny members, one with more madness and crazyness then the other~)

    Still recruiting members who want to have fun with us~

    Maybe our Leader adds that to the mainpage.
    I think thats a really big number, for a Beta where getting Keys is hardwork or luck~
  4. Sup mr icu guys

    Hope you miss me :p
  5. Hmm.. i missed you?

    Mr Cloud~
  6. I was your main assault in ICU GA bro
  7. Didn't play GA.
    Wasn't my beer ^^.
    hi guise i'm back ^^
  9. ^^ wb.

    You'r a vampire?
  10. New icU recruit checking in :)
  11. Vbdude Commander

    Heya Piti welcome back ;)
    and hey BrTarolg! Remember you, post on the icU forums please since you already got access but ty for the bump!
  12. °.,,°> IIII (<Door)


    We need any bump we can get for world domination.. ehh i mean to have fun!
    Jeah so for world we need more Brainwashing!
    Ehh no cleaner frames..
    damm im throug with these cigars now.. cigars..?
  13. So im looking to join headed over to your forums and theres alot of info there:p do i need to register first? P.s. (Free bump ;)
  14. Vbdude Commander

    Yes you need to, unfortunately we are having some issues with our registration process. Please PM me your email address and desired username and I'll add you manually. after that you can change your password to whatever you wish and you're in!
    Welcome aboard ;)
  15. Vbdude Commander

    Small bump comin' up ;)
  16. WE LOVE ICU!!!!!! bumpzor
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  17. Who is interested of joining beta and play with a cool community of players join icU TODAY !

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  18. This guy is. :)
  19. this game needs to be on xbox!
  20. Elmarrr Field Marshal

    Hey I'm interested too I was lurking your GA Agency a while back already but didn't apply because I wasn't really sure how I would get along with my english speaking skills
    But I guess I'll never know if I don't simply try it, also, I really want to play Firefall together with some people, prefferedly with some that love the game at least as much as I do^^
    I just registered to your Webside, now what can I do next? :)