Fundamental design error in the chosen (imho)...

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    Hello everyone,

    i thought some more today about the chosen and to me it seems there is a fundamental error in designing the chosen as an enemy. I dont mean their concept or how they fight.
    Or if they are too strong, to weak, to smart or the Ai or whatever.

    What i am talking about is the balance to make them work in the story context.
    Normally when you game master a rpg you try to make the world consistent in itself so people can immerse themselves more easily.

    Everything that destroys this feeling, like always changing physical laws out of a whim of the game master for example, can lessen or even destroy this immersion.
    Same can be said about movies (biggest disapointment to me in my whole life was john carpenters vampire movie. Not because it was made poorly. But because if you go at it like a rpg gamer and you hear how strong they are, you are asking yourself whats so strong about them. All they do is dont die by bullets and they travel by night like some homeless people.

    But i digress.

    I think the 5 million dollar question should be, if the chosen are as strong as they are supposed to be. I mean generally and not their current statistics. Why didnt they just overun us until now?
    They are very strong. Apprantly from they way they behave and attack they have sheer endless numbers. Their technology is not weaker than the humans (except for jumpjets).

    So the question is why should they have any trouble in decimating the players faction.

    As a game master you would usually make a rule of thumb and decide that they are strong but not so numerously themselves and they send in tons of weaker stuff like mutated animals and such.
    Or you make them stronger/smarter but fewer.

    Because if they are both, you start to ask yourself, whats keeping them away...

    At this moment Red5 seems to be pointed both ways...
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    If I had to guess I'd say the Chosen are probably so numerous because unlike regular vanilla humans they can survive in the Melding and humans haven't been wiped out yet because humans I'm guessing are technologically superior to the Chosen.

    If the melding was out of the equation the Chosen would probably be dead but because the melding gives the Chosen a human-proof base of operations they can continue to launch attacks at the humans without having to worry too much about the humans retaliating at their home base.

    EDIT: Just to be clear this is all pure conjecture on my end. I have no idea what the lore explanation is supposed to be but this would be my guess.
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    My whole post was hypothetically speaking so i wont point a finger at you for guessing.
    I was more elaborating on the conceptual direction it takes because usually you create an enemy with one strong point because if he has no weaknesses every normal player would ask himself why does he just not wipe the floor with me.
    And the chosen weapons dont feel inferior to ours and they way they see me in the darkness and even see me when im not in their viewing direction would suggest much better reconnaisance than i have. Unless its unintended by the developpers.

    Thanks for reading and posting man.
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    my guess: It is basically like every zombie story. The chosen are an inexorable doom set upon humanity.. they are basically perverted humans of some sort .. but the thing is humans dont let go easily and the feistiest will keep shelling the crap out of anything attempting to ruin their day. That is the whole tension in the warfront gameplay : we are supposed to be extinct, we surely will be if we dont fight together.

    My kill ratio against chosens is pretty high and I am bad at shooters really so I dont think they are very that powerfull... they are more like clumsy grunts who know how to shoot but have no real motivation to survive.
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    The Chosen are not united, and their numbers and powers are somewhat weaker than their full potential. There are tribes of Chosen that fight each other, and while they can replenish their numbers, it takes them time to do so. More I cannot say....I fear I have already said to much!
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  6. Dr. Bacterial Mentor

    You are becoming more syrstormish ))
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    I want a Chosen kill counter on Copacabana, right next to the jawbones pile.

    No abstraction of how many Chosen were killed.
    Every single kill has to add weight to mean something greater. A Chosen that I killed is one less Chosen running around. 10 thousand Chosen killed should mean something. Someone on the "Chosen land" is missing/regretting those 10 thousand Chosen that mean us harm and were causeth to be destroyed.
    Eventually there shouldnt be any more of them.

    Just like when White Wolf Publishing (now owned by CCP's EVE Online) wrapped up World of Darkness franchises and gave it an end. An end should be possible and planned from the beggining. Nothing wrong with new begginings.
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    Yay, some leaked lore by Grummz. You sir made my day (and the EU servers of course :D )
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    When the Chosen say "this body is nothing" upon dying I've always assumed that they've got some resurrection technology, a la the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica (er, the new one).

    e: or, duh, like the Accord.
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  10. GaryWolf Commander

    Oh Grummzy, you always know exactly what to say to make our gaming hearts flutter :D
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    I was always assuming that maybe they came from the other only human settlement on that distant planet which you need 30 years of normal travel time or such.
    That or from another dimension.

    Them being divided would explain it some and also if they dont have a technology to reive like the player faction has.
    Still dont see why their technology should be inferior. Weapons seem fine by me, gosh, wished i had some of those for myself...
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    This is more than enough :)

    One tribe will ally with the ACCORD .... maybe ;)
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    I think more of what they were getting at is that we would fight 2 Different factions of Chosen who also fight each other over dominance not that they would ally with the Accord.

    A tri-battle front would create more and longer games than a standard traditional 1 v 1, all be it that there are the mobs but their just a contextual extra like any traditional war game in the fact there is always something in the middle that everyone fights or avoids. Not all war games include them though but of those that do could be considered the Civilians.

    I should also say that the different factions of Chosen could actually have different tactics, weapon, fighting style and general differences ie. battle frame types/colours and even building types.
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    Hmmm... Sounds to me like a playable chosen race.
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    That would be cool but then that will change general pve into pvp, which atm isnt where they want to go. After all this is the first true PVE MMO FPS by adding a playable chosen race would mean adding constant wars and bring pvp to the main map at a constant rate, unless they could constrict it to only pvp during certain events but then what would the fun be of playing the chosen race.
    And just to add to it atm it's not easy for them to balance classes, imagine bringing in another race....
  16. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    There's this big line near the end of the timeline that says "Open World PvP"

    "The Dark Ones" more humanoid type chosen have already been yanked from the game files by Lemon King and have classes just like the accord.

    The third faction will most likely be the human criminal organizations. The second non allied chosen faction is most likely to give the chosen players PvE content since the human factions wouldn't be able to have npc's in the melding.
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    Though, what we know leads us to believe that they won't be allied. Races are going to be at war by the sound of it.

    The main page of Firefall with the Timeline confirms more races and factions. Chosen haven't been confirmed.. but..
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    If these factions are playable and are at constant war, that would either mean open world PvP or limited access to open areas.

    I wonder how are they gonna play this one.
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    More so considering there's apparently going to be three factions...
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    There are three factions:
    And uhm what do they call themselfs ... the human thiefs/consortium or what ever :D