Founder's Pack and multiple characters per account

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    I've been contemplating buying a founder's pack but I'm just not really interested in anything it has. I like the normal LGV look and hate the one that looks like a chopper. The red beans are okay but I would probably never spend that much money just for that.

    So I have several questions now:
    Will multiple character slots be available in the future for everyone? Will they be purchasable through red beans? Will only founders have access to multiple character slots?

    Honestly, this is the thing only thing I can see that will sort of tip me in the direction of buying a pack at the moment.
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    Multiple character slots aren't planned as there is no real need for them, when the new you will allow for gender (and probably name changes) in the future, possibly for the price of a few red beans.
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    well character slots aren't used YET, who knows what r5 will do with that ;)
    but yeah, if they're used, they will be available for everyone ( wouldn't be fair otherwise)

    garage slots, on the other hand, will cost crystite or red beans ( i'm 80% sure about buying garage slots with crystite)
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    I don't understand how there is no need for them. Currently you get 3 battleframe slots for free which is enough for tier 1 and both tier 2 if you want both. Or a tier 1 and another tier 1 and 2. There are NINE more frames above tier 2 that are planned, 12 total frames per class, 5 classes, 60 frames across all classes. Somehow I doubt we will be able to purchase 60 battleframe slots but if we can, who in their right mind would do that assuming all additional slots are 50 red beans (just a little over 5 dollars each).

    Aside from that it would be infinitely easier to keep track of battleframes with additional characters rather than scroll through numerous amounts of frames when you want to switch. You would also have an insanely cluttered inventory with weapons and other items from every different battleframe you own etc... And hell I'm sure a lot of people would rather prefer not unlocking every single tier of battleframes for one class on one character. One character for one path and another for the other path.
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    Hate to break it but its not about the items you get in game that is important. I bought the pack because I wanted to help and support the company who made the game. I also bought one because i thought its a great game and it will be successful in the future. Of course it was expected that they will give us in game items in exchange of buying those as a thank you gift. Its like a tradition in gaming world and every or most company does that. If you think you want to buy then go for the cheapest one, if you think its worthless then atleast you didn't spent more than $100, but buying a pack means a lot to them not because of the $ you gave but the trust and support. I didn't came here to argue if you should buy one or not. Just thought of sharing something I learned from the gaming industry in the past years. Well, hope you come with a good decision ;) because once those pack leaves they'll be gone for good.
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    i currently have 6 garage slots, 2 for assault, and 1 of each frame, i have switched from nighthawk(t2 recon) to raptor(the other t2 recon) i did not buy a garage slot, what i did, is delete nighthawk, buy a t1 recon, progress to raptor t2 frame, and when i unlocked it, i deleted my t1 recon and bought raptor, people wont buy more garage slots as process is saved within each frame, crystite isn't much of a problem now since i have all t2s now and don't have use for crystite, so people WILL delete frames to use them for higher tiers, besides we will have playable factions/races, thats where the character slots are going to be used ( i think, this is speculation) so imagine, having 5 or more characters, for human faction, and 5 or more for another faction, now instead of going through all the list of garage slots, you will go through the list of all character slots..

    but buying the founders pack is up to you, you made questions, i answered them.
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    I'm aware that it's not about the items, hence why I'm only looking at the highest tier available. I just need a little nudge to make me purchase it, for a lot of people that "nudge" may very well be the LGV or exp boost or red beans, for me it's none of those.

    I don't have money to throw around no matter how much I believe in the game or the direction its headed so I would like to get something out of it that I feel will be useful to me, and multiple character slots would be just that. If I didn't want to support the game I wouldn't even be considering buying any of them at all. To me red beans seem way too expensive so really, this is probably the only time I will spend money on Firefall unless the prices in-game are reduced or the amount of money for red beans are reduced (or if I miraculously come across a ton of money).

    @ above post
    Crystite may not be an issue now but I wouldn't want to constantly delete frames and rebuy suits. There will no doubt be many more things to be bought or crystite used on in the future. Right now it may not be an issue but in the future I don't think shelling out 7000+ crystite every time you want to switch t2 frames is a good option. Not sure how much t3 will cost but likely well over 20k. Not an amount I want to be spending constantly.
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    T1 is something you level to T2 and just delete replacing it with the T2 you unlocked, you do not pick two t2 frames unless you are willing to give up others, and just becouse game gives you an option to hold 10+ frames at the time does not mean that you should or even could do it.
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    And FYI,
    R5 is looking into scrapping the tier system for something else.

    Just saying.
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    Wouldn't get so hung up on playing other factions. I don't see it happening despite the files being ingame, as would it be fun to level a slightly different looking character from tiers 1-5 all over again?

    Why keep a t1 frame when you have access to t5?
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    I actually tried doing that and it wasn't letting me delete the t1 frame for whatever reason, maybe the game was just being buggy but I'll try again.

    As for the underlined part, why not? I'm one of those people who likes trying out every class and usually has one character for each class. And if there aren't enough character slots to accommodate that then I choose my favorite ones or make another account, usually though 1 account would suffice for making the characters/classes I want.

    Any post you can direct me to that says that?

    I recall someone saying there are specific brackets/match making or whatever for pvp for each tier, or at least tier 1. If that's the case I'd like to keep them.
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    You can delete t1 frames but perhaps you were trying to do so when you had no other frame present in your garage.

    And as for the pvp, its really really hard to go back to the limited options of t1 when you have a fully decked out t2. Even then, with the gear separation of pve from pvp, one maybe able to go back to previous tiers as long as they have unlocked them, as you won't be able to change loadouts, at least for ranked play.
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    Yeah I just deleted it, I'm not sure why it didn't work last time since I'm sure I had already unlocked and purchased tier 2.

    Anyways, still considering getting the pack. Will wait til there's more info available on character slots and removal of tiers if that's true.
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    It sounds like you are like me. I own every tier 2 frame except for Recon frames (I'm not much of a sniper).

    I enjoy being able to choose whichever battleframe that I want at any time based on whim, the needs of squad members, or whether I'm thumping or fighting baneclaw. Obviously I've spent my Commanders beans and then some in order to do this.

    I'd say in your case since you don't care about the LGV etc then getting a Commanders pack is worth it simply for the discounted red beans so that you can purchase a rechargeable glider pad (which I 110% believe is the best red bean purchase that anyone could ever make) and some extra slots in the garage.
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    Concerning character slots, here are some quotes on the developers current view:

    This particular point makes the idea of factions sound pointless.

    Taken from this thread:
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    He mentions story. It could be possible, at least looking at it from a narrative standpoint (I'm not saying this is the case in reality), to have different playable factions or races which provide different storylines and different (and possibly contrasting) glimpses into firefall lore.

    If I were telling the story then I'd welcome other races or factions. It'll be a good game regardless, I'm sure.
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    I meant from a :red5: point of view that the idea of playable factions would be pointless:

    Either way, we are splitting hairs about a subject which may change in future, but from my experience, factions only serves to split the userbase and create a headache for mechanics such as balancing.
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    Are you the same Seraphy from blade and soul dojo?
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    No, I haven't played that game. And I would not leave off the X in my name.
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    Devs are not scrapping the tier system, it is here to say, what they are going to do is re-balance of t1 and t2 and also change how tech trees work, properly separate pvp from pve and introduce gear progression (beyond of what they have now and into pve at least) thus setting up "rules" they will follow with T3+.

    As for Multiple characters... no one stops you from making more then one account.