Founder Member Loyalty Rewards!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AgentSmith5150, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    You bet! Check it out!

    Automatically unlocks rewards as people become founders!

    Each Founder pack purchase pushes the bar ahead, higher level pack push the bar more than lower level packs.

    So tell your friends, tell your neighbors! Heck, buy founders for your dog! Wouldn't Rover look great in a new Firefall beanie? Hmmmmmmm?


    Looks like we did it!! Great job to this kick-ass community! :)
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  2. Carnage2K4 Commander

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    Come on people! Get your money out so we can all get awesome stuff!
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  4. _Dharak_ Commander


    Out of pure curiosity I would love to know how many founder packs have been bought. I read that there are about 1,300 people in the beta atm - wonder how many of them are founders? And does the 1,300 mean just active players or total people with beta invites? Also how many founders are out there that haven't yet played the game?

    Source here
  5. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    It's not individual, it's a community-wide tally :)
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    Very much looking forward to these rewards!
    The 3rd/Epic reward is very nice: Custom visuals for thumpers.
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    My friends are so cheap:p

    I'll never get to fill the bar:(
  8. Brezals Beta Commando

    Um, there are not 1300 people in the beta, there are WAAAAY more, I would say .. 150k+ people are probably in beta.
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  9. _Dharak_ Commander

    The bar is universal - its total number of founders, not just the people you know.

    A large number sounds much more reasonable, but then I am curious as to how I misunderstood Phobos's comment.
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    i wonder how those VC Goggles will look on a Tiki Mask... i have Zee Goggles on atm and it makes my eyes glow yellow through the eyeholes on the mask:


    now imagine that with those VC Goggles :p
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  11. Traith Commander

    Must.... Have.... Locust paint....

    *encourages his other personalities to hook it up*
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  12. Juggernaught Founder

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  13. Yukondokne Founder

    i agree with above comment!!
  14. RyuZero Lieutenant

    wait it say we unlock the first tier, so next patch we all get those goggles?

    Tier 2 is ok but all black humm..

    Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 3 we want them nice thumpers effects
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  15. Traith Commander

    I feel the need to speak up and warn you about the very real repercussions of that statement. I said the same thing once... Red5 listened. Their witchcraft will suck your wallet dry!
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  16. Spadow Beta Vanguard

    Goggles are already available in the New You for Founders.
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    People sure got money to throw around, but at least you get a cool looking thumper right? Meh.
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    Do people who already have founder's packs get the rewards as well or just the new founders packs?
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    I must say, good marketing, red5!
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